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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Post Op......Day Two

Saturday, April 12th brings us to the second day post surgery.  Lucy, Daddy and I did manage to get some sleep last night.  As expected in a hospital,  it was very interrupted with various things such as blood pressure checks, pain med. administration, needing to use the bed pain and the beloved sound of the IV machine beeping that LOUD and obnoxious beep, beep, beep!  However just getting several hours of sleep were so good for our weary bodies.
I have the chair jammed against her bed so I can be as close as possible :)

A view of our sleeping arrangements

There have been smiles throughout the day 
Lucy's pain has increased significantly since yesterday morning.  Tears just run down her little cheeks when she needs to roll onto her side or even move in bed.  I had told Merle one time, "be gentle" as he was moving her and little Miss caught onto that phrase and the meaning of it and baby doll always reminds us when she needs helped being moved "be gentle, be gentle!"  I'm guessing due to the amount and kinds of pain medications she is on, is the reason that she is now not eating.  We having been coaxing and trying 
all sorts of different ways but she simply has zero appetite.  Drinking has also all but subsided.  We're grateful that she's been back on IV fluids but do have concern about not wanting to eat or drink.

Our wonderful neurosurgeon happens to be the physician on call this weekend and is making weekend rounds at the hospital.  He came into the room this morning with an entourage of people (we're at a teaching hospital, so often physicians are accompanied by doctors in training).  He was not at all surprised to hear that Lucy's pain has increased. (he reminded us that sometimes day 2 and 3 are the worst.  Dr. Dias wants to see if Lucy can still have her pain managed but with oral medication versus the IV meds.
And YES I did remembered to ask the trivia question I posted about on my last blog post.  "How many stitches does Lucy Kim have, does he know?"  The answer was he doesn't count and is not sure but he would guess close to 100 and there were 95 suture kits used!  So many stitches because they want zero spinal fluid leakage.

Dr. D. also suggested we try and have her start using the potty versus the bed pan.  She has been doing this the entire day but it's a two person process and crazy painful for Lucy to be carried the few feet to the toilet and then sit on the toilet.  In fact it's so painful that she breaks out into a ridiculous sweat 'til she gets back into bed.  I wouldn't classify myself as a germ-a-phobe but I'm also not keen on getting up close and personal with a hospital toilet.  Guess what --- I am and so is Merle and it's OK because baby girl needs to cling to our necks as she uses the toilet.  Our head hangs over the toilet,  our hands on the toilet seat(gross enough yet?) and knees on the floor!  Thank God for anti-bacterial soap - I'm bathing in it several times a day!
This using the toilet thing is sooo painful
Exhausted and sweaty after a trip to the potty!
For the HAPPY NEWS of the day -- I've gotten to "COLD MY GIRL" and so has Daddy!!!  After her first trip to the potty, I sat and held her for as long as she could tolerate her back in that position.  YES - it was therapy for both of us! 
As the day as progressed, I've had a few other times I've cuddled w/ her in my lap but she recognizes that she's most comfortable in the bed with an ice pack.

Holding my girl for the first time in two days!!
Daddy gets a turn to hold his girl!
 Today she has napped on and off for a few extended periods of time.  I'm thrilled about this because I just know her little body needs these periods of rest so she can heal.

She continues to run a fever on and off but it has not gotten higher than yesterday's.  Again still hoping it's because of the trauma of surgery and not the start of infection.

Kurt reading some of Lucy's mail to her

Sticker's and lots of cards!!

Primping with paint the princess' nails!

I think big bro. did a fantastic job~
This is her special toe that likes to sit on the big toe
 I'll end with a touching little video clip of Lucy's twenty one year old brother loving on her today!  When he arrived, she was feeling pretty good..  He came and coerced kisses out of her and read some of the mail she received to her and then.......get this...... he so sweetly PAINTED HER TOE NAILS!!!  He knows that she loves finger/toe nails painted!  Merle caught it on video and I thought I'd share it with you.  Enjoy.

She has very much enjoyed getting her very own mail and opening up the cards!!  Thank you friends for your love and kindness.
We are so grateful for the many, many of you that have supported us in this journey.  Extra special thanks to my parents for keeping the home front running smoothly and with such love!  We couldn't do this without you!  Love you Mom and Dad xoxoxo

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  1. SO GLAD you got to "cold you"!!!!!
    We're praying for you guys!!!!