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Friday, April 11, 2014

First Night and First Full Day Post Op.

Here's an update from our first night post-op. and first full day out of surgery.
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The hospital census is high.  Some of the medical staff were joking that the kids were hanging from the windows.  No bed available in the pediatric unit today so we spent the night in the surgical suite and at 6 p.m. on Friday evening moved into peds. to a much bigger and child friendly room.  The nursing staff, surgeons and physicians have all been fantastic.  Caring. Friendly. And quick to help!

  Lucy did extremely well throughout the night but couldn't sleep.  I think we all got a 3 hour straight stretch from about 2 a.m.- 5 a.m.
Both patients, Lucy and Kimmy resting comfortably
At 5 a.m. we chatted with a student resident who was in surgery with Lucy and a colleague of our surgeon who was attended the surgery.  They shared a lot of interesting information pertaining to the surgery that Lucy had.
For those of you reading this who don't know me in person need to know that I'm intrigued with how the body works and learning medical information is something I enjoy.

I can't help myself but share some of the information I learned today.  (if you're easily bored with medical jargon, skip to the next paragraph)  I learned that  Lucy has not TWO, not FOUR but SIX!!! layers of stitches!!  Our spinal cord is so well protected that to reach it, the surgeon needs to cut into six layers.  Bone, muscle, fat, etc. ( I'm hoping to ask the surgeon if they have any idea how many stitches the little Miss has).   This explanation is taken from a medical website:
  "The spinal cord and its coverings are located in the vertebral canal. The vertebral canal is formed when each vertebral foramen is placed on top of one another and this canal houses the spinal cord. In order to reach the spinal cord from the back, the laminae of the vertebrae (see above) must by sawn through and removed. When this is done, a small amount of fat and a plexus of veins is usually found. When these items are cleaned out, a shiny, dense layer is seen and this is the outer covering of the spinal cord." 

Knowing they had to cut through bone, muscle and go that far into her little spine, I am utterly amazed at how cheerful, compliant and sweet she has been thus far.  Obviously it's an "only God" situation here.  Again friends, the mighty power of prayer to a merciful and loving Heavenly Father.   As of this writing she thankful hasn't experienced any muscles spasms that I'm told can accompany recovery since some muscles had to be stitched back together.  She winces to roll over or move in bed but otherwise is in no pain if she's just laying (of course with pain meds. in her body).  If you'd like to see even more info. you can click here for tethered cord info.
Surgical site on Lucy's spine
When the neurosurgeon stopped in to check on Lucy around 9:15 this morning, he was pleased to hear how well she was doing.  He gave the green light to start elevating her head.  Throughout the day we have raised the head of the hospital bed and she has tolerated it well.
She has had a few crying bursts.  Crying to be held (this is incredibly hard for me), or because it hurt to roll onto the bed pan.  Her eating has decreased significantly from yesterday and early morning.  I'm assuming because of all the pain medication?!  We're trying to keep her drinking and they did re-start her IV so that she doesn't become dehydrated.

At 5 p.m. she was noted to have a fever of 101.8.  They gave her IV motrin with pain medication and it did bring the fever down so we're hoping it's just post op. stuff and not the start of any infection.  Obviously they'll monitor her closely.

For those of you who like specific prayer requests, here are a few:
- Please pray that Lucy's fever won't go any higher and there is no infection
- Prayers for a good sound sleep so her body can work on healing even more
- Prayers that she will eat, drink and toilet
- Continued prayers for pain management as sometimes days 2 and 3 are the hardest.

We continue to be appreciative of your love, support and prayers!  Lucy Kim has no idea of the number of people who are and have been praying for her little life.  We are eternally grateful for joining us in the journey!

As Lucy recovers, we're watching a lot of Dora the Explorer, she's enjoying a drawing app on the kindle, eating popsicles, playing "Mommy and Patient" with Kimmy
Daddy snuggling with Lucy

The best Mommy is able to "cold you"

Popsicles for the Princess

Dora Time!

**  Thank you to the many friends and family that have sent cards to Lucy Kim!!  Her first mail delivery is scheduled for tomorrow ;0) and Mailman Mom-Mom said there are lots to deliver!
For those who would like to join in the card shower, cards can be mailed to Lucy's grandparents for daily delivery to Lucy.
c/o Searfoss Grandparents
Lucy Zimmerman
914 Rabbit Hill Road
Lititz PA 17543

Thank you too A.L.S. for your sweet visit today, we loved seeing you and the balloon and muffins were so appreciated too.  


  1. Praying about days 2 & 3 and pain mgmt... don't be afraid to use that PCA button... she'll heal better if less pain. Also praying for good sleep for all tonight. ♥♥♥

  2. It is good to see those pics with that sweet smile! Very happy to see that she is at least feeling like smiling some of the time.
    Will continue to keep the prayers for sleep, minimal or no pain, appetite, no fever and good spirits. Hugs to all of you.