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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day Five post op- DISCHARGE DAY!!!

Goodbye ID wristbands
Last sleep for awhile in a hospital bed
We're excited to let  Lucy's friends and family know that we're at H-O-M-E!!!  Dr. Dias came in this morning and gave us the green light to be discharged. We met with physical therapy again and received more  ideas to use at home in helping Lucy build  lower limb strength and regain her walking ability, orders to receive out patient physical therapy and they also wrote out a prescription for a walker to use like the one they had her practicing with.
More practice with the walker

Standing much more upright then 24 hrs. ago!
While waiting for the discharge paperwork and the walker to arrive, Lucy freshened up with another bed bath and Merle made his last Starbuck run and also went to the hospital pharmacy to get Lucy's pain medication prescription filled.
I had concern about the pain level during the 40 minute car ride home in a car seat.  Merle positioned a travel pillow behind Lucy's back and strapped her in.  She seemed to be very comfortable AND.... because Mommy had given her Benadryl for the car ride home (she still suffers with car sickness on longer trips) she slept like a baby the majority of the ride home AND then slept in Daddy's lap for another two hours!  In fact the three of us took a much needed nap.

My dear, sweet Mother (along with my father has been holding the home front together and keeping 3 boys on schedule during our hospital stay  made us a most delicious meal of pork chops, cheesey potatoes and green bean casserole!
A nice nap, shower and home-made meal was such a wonderful "re-charger".  Our world felt right again with all eight of our children under the roof for a short time this evening!!  Lucy very much enjoyed having some time to play with her bestest friend, (and niece) Sadie Joy!

Two peanuts can fit on the little wheelchair together!

Playing together

Home with family!
While I'm sure the personnel at the hospital Starbuck's will be missing Merle's daily morning trek (did I mention they began writing his name on the cups the past few mornings without him telling them?!) - we're thrilled to be back on the outside again.
An iced vanilla chai for Mom and Bold Columbian Narino for Dad
Many, many thanks again for the many, many prayers, cards, care packages and love given to Lucy Kim.   We've felt so encouraged, loved and uplifted by you!!  
And to think.....................a year ago, "Little Miss So Sad" was still waiting for her family in an orphanage half way across the world!!
Praise God with us for His healing, peace, wisdom and protection this past week and continued prayers for the long journey of recovery ahead!
I will try my best to continue to keep you updated on Lucy's recovery as I can!
Selfies in the hospital
Blessings to each of you and again thanks for journeying with us!

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  1. Yay for home!!!!!! Prayers for continued healing and rest for you all. We are home now too. I'm just terrible at blogging lately about it all :)