Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cousins, Cowboys and Classmates

While Lucy was still using her little red walker, her cool cousin, Robert and his family came for a visit.  Lucy was excited to see all of the family because she loves each of them but this time in particular she wanted to see Robert.  She remembered that Robert too uses a walker and they would be "same/same".  Like most kids she doesn't like standing out as different but instead likes having someone who "matches."  While dear Robert is much older than Lucy Kim, he was such a good sport and allowed me to take pictures of the cousins with their walkers. Robert also prayed a most special prayer at breakfast over little Lucy.  Lucy was getting ready to go to a physical therapy appt., and knowing from experience that p.t. is hard work and often painful, Robert's prayer was uttered with much love and a special understanding.  Love this boy, his big heart and his family!
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Robert showing Lucy how to "lounge" on top of the walker :)
We had another unexpected but very special family event in mid January.  Lucy and her brothers, John-Merle and Kaden were chosen to be honorees at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg!  The Children's Western Wish Foundation had contacted our family.  Apparently our name was submitted to the foundation and the founder, Miss Glee.  Cowgirl Glee called me while we were on one of our medical trips in Missouri wanting our permission to honor our children and  give them a special, fun and full of surprises kind of day?!   Wha???  Reallly?    And was it ever an awesome, fun day full of memories!  An added  bonus was being able to take the children's "second parents" along for the day - their very beloved  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop!  Our young cowboys and "princess"cowgirl were given cowboy boots, signed cowboy hats (from ea. participant in the pro-rodeo), a very special silver belt buckle and a standing formal family recognition before the start of the rodeo.  Special seats to watch the rodeo in the "Governor's Box" gave us a fabulous view of the entire rodeo.  We were so shocked and so honored by everyone and everything.  What a gift!!  New rodeo fans were added that day for sure.

enjoying the DELICIOUS home made powdered doughnut sample

A family that slurps fresh milkshakes together, stays together!

Riding up on Pop's shoulders

Lucy's Pop-Pop "ran the barrels" with her
because she wasn't able to walk/run comfortably on
the uneven terrain.  That Pop Pop of hers is the best!!

Big brave cowgirl on the brahma bull

Excited for the rodeo to begin

Special made sash for "Princess Lucy"

"Glee" (pic. above)  is the wonderful cowgirl and
 the founder of the C.W.W.F. 
 Some have asked me if Lucy's still attending preschool and Chinese preschool once each week.  The answer is YES to both, if we're able (not at a doctor appt., in physical therapy or in surgery).  Preschool is the highlight of her week and she very much  looks forward to these weekly times with her friends.  These anticipated fun times are exactly what she needs interspersed between the medical appointments and physical therapy appointments.
Making a clay panda bear during Chinese preschool

It was a little tough being non ambulatory but
we made the best of it

Lucy's sweet Tuesday morning friends!

Snack time!
A Thomas the Train birthday party was another fun time this month....
B.F.F.'s in their trains and conductor hats

Since having her vertical talus repaired and both foot surgeries behind her, Lucy has been going to physical therapy 2x/weekly. Most of you have read (repeatedly) one of my favorite quotes - "Where God guides, He always provides".  Yet another blessing in our medical journey has been the location of our twice weekly PT appts. (5 min. from our home!!!) with a wonderful, caring and experienced pediatric physical therapist.  Our schedule is full and the blessing of not needing to travel long distances twice a week for therapy is a gift to this Mama!

 A visit is scheduled for the end of January in Philadelphia at Shriner's hospital.  Dr. vanBosse will check Lucy's corrected vertical talus AND also let us know the next steps needed in helping Lucy.  Next on the docket is looking into helping her with her knee contracture  and addressing her hip problem......

Monday, January 26, 2015

Third surgery of 2014 and 2nd Christmas home......

On December 23rd, Lucy was in St. Louis Children's hospital operating room again.  This time to have the pin in her foot removed.  Surgery was quick and went well.  Dr. Dobbs was pleased to let us know that Lucy's foot looked great with her talus bone in her foot now being in the correct position.  We were happy to say adios to a full leg cast.  Lucy was introduced to her ankle foot orthotic (AFO) and also the nighttime bar she'll wear each night for the next two or so years.
Putting on the hospital gown and getting ready to take off the LAST cast

Seeing her foot again

Dear Daddy always by her side

Sporting her AFO with her new kicks

Not so thrilled with the new nightwear
While in Missouri we stayed for the fourth time at our "home away from home" - Haven House.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, this place is a blessing to families who have a loved one needing medical care far from home.  Lucy, Daddy and Mommy enjoyed seeing the Nutcracker by the St. Louis Ballet Company with the complimentary tickets we received from Haven House.  We also were surprised when we went to our room to find a stack of presents for Lucy and us in front of our door.

We're old, we don't do "selfies" well

Surprises at our door

Lucy with some of  the sweet employees at Haven House

A sweet little friend at Haven House
(who sported TWO casts)
 On Christmas Eve. afternoon we arrived back in PA and enjoyed family time as we celebrated our Savior's birth.
Silly family times

Our beautiful, and extremely talented and creative daughter who lovingly prepared
our fabulous family Christmas dinner.  Not needing to plan or  prepare
a dinner with all the travel to Missouri was an extra special gift for Mom

Setting the big 'ole table
 Lucy was non mobile for two months, so bearing weight and trying to walk again took some time.   It was both painful and scary.  To help build up her confidence, we brought out the little red walker (remember that from her spinal cord surgery). Two to three weeks later, the walker was put back into storage as our girl was once again ambulatory.