Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Post Op. Report :)

Daddy gently laid a drowsy Lucy down on the operating room table a little after 8;30 a.m.  We headed to the surgery waiting room for the L-O-N-G wait.  At 9:45ish we received an update that they were "opening her up".  At 11:45ish a quick report came in that they were ready to close and she did great.  It would be approximately an hour yet.  I (fairly) patiently waited until 1:35ish then went to the desk and asked for an update because we were expecting to hear something.  The kind lady at the waiting room desk called the operating room and awaited a call back with an update.  Ten minutes later the phone rang and she told us that they were still stitching her up.  I think I may have suffered a small case of whip lash during this waiting time period as I was continually flailing my head in all different directions to see if there was a surgeon lurking around looking for Lucy's parents! 

 At 2:00,our surgeon entered the waiting room with a smile.  He reported that things went very well.  While she lost a little more blood then they like to see, no blood transfusion was necessary (they'll keep an eye on her blood count).  One section of the spinal cord was pretty tight, this confirmed that it was such a blessing to know of her tethered cord BEFORE showing symptoms that often are irreversible.  
Thrilled to see my girl again

One of FOUR IV sites

Eskimo kisses
Trying hard to come out of the anesthesia

FINALLY at 3:30 we were given the green light to go up and see our girl in recovery!  While I wanted to run into recovery I held myself back and opted to do the brisk stroll instead.  Little girlie looked pretty tiny on the big bed.  She was awake for seconds at a time when we first arrived.  She awoke slowly AND pleasantly, often holding up her arms to her eye level to inspect what these tubes and things were taped to her extremities.  Many blood pressure readings were taken and oxygen levels assessed before leaving recovery room and heading to our "temporary room" at about 4:30 p.m..  (apparently pediatrics was full and no beds available)

I'm writing this post at 8:00 p.m. (still sitting in our temporary room which may end up being our overnight room) and so happy to report that Lucy continues to do well!  Thank you friends and family for your many, many prayers on her behalf.  Our great Father God has heard those prayers and showed much grace and mercy.  The nurses have been very attentive and keeping a close eye on her pain levels (she continues to receive IV pain meds to keep pain at a minimum or non existent).  

The hardest thing for me so far has been that she has had a few bouts of crying and repeatedly saying over and over "cold you", "cold you" (this is her way of saying HOLD ME!).  Not being able to pick her up and hold her and cuddle her is HARD STUFF.  I hold her hand, both Merle and I have gotten into bed beside her but because her back needs to remain flat we can not hold her!  When she received pain meds and became "chill" - I sighed a huge sigh of relief because I was starting to think that one's heart might just be able to pulled from one's chest in sympathy.  

There have been so many blessings throughout our day in direct answer to the many prayers.  Other praises to report are:
- a prevailing PEACE over Merle, Lucy and I throughout the day
- It was decided to remove Lucy's catheter while she was asleep in recovery.  I had talked to a few close friends and asked for specific prayer that Lucy would not need to be catheterized while awake because of the trauma she went through just a few weeks ago.  Lucy has urinated twice already in a bed pain without any signs of pain or discomfort!  This means there should be no reason to catheter her again!  Praise God!
- As of now, her pain has been able to be managed well!
- While she has told us a few times that she wants to GO HOME, we've been able to calm her and distract her.
- She has drank a lot of apple juice, ate jello, enjoyed a mango slush and a bowlful of spaghetti o's!  And no vomiting at all!

As close to "holding" as Mama can get
Neither Merle or I will never, ever want to hear another Dora the Explorer episode or hear the Dora theme song ever again - we'll suffer through watching episode after episode because it's keeping our girl distracted and happy for the time being!

I know the recovery is far from over, but I want to give our Father God much praise and thanks for the answered prayers of today!  Thank you friends for being part of Team Lucy and praying for our girl!  Each of you is appreciated!


  1. Praising Him with you... and praying for a smooth recovery!!! ♥♥♥
    Thanks for keeping the prayer team so up to date.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post the updates. It is good to see little Lucy looking so good (really!) after what she has just gone through. You are all still in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Hugs!

  3. Thankful to read this good report on your sweetie-pie! So glad this is behind her!

  4. Jeannette ZimmermanApril 11, 2014 at 1:15 PM

    Our God is an Awesome God!!!
    David & I will continue to pray for Lucy & yous guys. Love ya!