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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post THREE (April 13, 2014)

Enjoying the great outdoors while recuperating!
Lucy discontinued morphine yesterday morning (in an effort to be taken off all IV pain medication).  She slept well last night (except for the normal hospital interruptions) - she slept soundly - deep, restful sleep!!  This meant that Daddy and Mommy too slept better.
Loving the "cold you" times!
Her countenance is brighter today too.  She was good enough to get a bath (with warmed hospital  antibacterial wipes in the bed), her hair washed (glad the nurse had tricks as to how to do this in a wheelchair AND keep her surgical site dry) and then...... we put our fresh and squeaky clean girl in a pillow propped wheelchair for a walk outdoors in the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sunshine!  We all really enjoyed being out of the room for a change of scenery.  Lucy seemed to be very comfortable in the wheelchair the entire time.
Wheelchair hair wash
Time to comb the hair

Beloved Kimmy
3rd Floor Rooftop Garden!

 The painful times have been sprinkled with some fun smiles!
The bath and stroll in the wheelchair must have tuckered her out, she took a two plus hour nap this afternoon.  But this meant Mama opted to not wake her to take the oral pain meds. (because I felt like she really needed the sleep) and after the fact not sure that was a good idea?!  Took a bit for the meds. to kick in and give her some pain relief.
Lucy's also been taken off her IV fluids today.  Dr. told us to encourage drinking vs. eating if she's refusing both.  She's been doing a fair job of drinking and minimal eating.
Potty time is still tough.  Not so much the toileting as the getting there and the position she needs to sit in.  In fact this smart little girl figured out by last evening that the trips to the hospital room bathroom were exhausting (she always gets back to the bed so sweaty and wiped out from pain) that she reverted to wanting the bed pan!  She has not had a bowel movement since last Wednesday, so the doctor has ordered several "helps" to try and make that happen but thus far it's not worked.  I can tell she's very afraid.  Today, we tried a "potty chair" with a pillow at her back.  She still needs?/wants Merle or I to hold onto her while sitting on it.
These bathroom jaunts are exhausting
"Gentle,", "Gentle" she reminds Daddy many times
Not too sure if this potty is any better?!
Ok - maybe I'm ok with this....
Another "goal of the day" today was walking.  The first time we attempted, she wanted to walk.  However, when we got her out of the wheel chair and down on her feet - she instantly started crying.  This Mama couldn't handle that and promptly put her back in the chair.  At 5:30ish our nurse was on the hunt for her :)
She checked in with us and asked if she's taken steps.  When I said, no - she said - "Ok, I'll be the meanie."  Alrighty then, I'll let you be the meanie 'cause Mom can't handle seeing it.  The nurse and Merle did manager to get her to take about 6 steps.  Merle said she appeared to be in pain (yes, I was hiding in her room).  Because she has some hip issues and a contracture in her knee - balance is something Lucy can't do easily without having something to prop herself on.  I think the extra stress on her back because of this made things more difficult.
So many of you sweet friends have sent cards, stickers and fun surprises!!  She's been enjoying Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's (and her brothers)  visits with the mail delivery yesterday and today!  Again, so many thanks for helping to brighten Lucy's day with your cards of encouragement!

Mom-Mom reading Lucy's get well cards to her!

Lucy loves her Pop-Pop!

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