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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Post-Op - Day FOUR

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Lucy girl has been in FOUR different hospital rooms since leaving the recovery room on Thursday afternoon!  One room change came at 1:30 a.m. only to leave that room ten hours later to go to our fourth room.
Often I'm usually ok with change and sometimes embrace the new.  But I must admit, I was struggling to keep optimistic and upbeat because not only were we moving rooms constantly, but each room was a step back (meaning going from the big, happy cheerful rooms created the past few years all the way back to the 1970's style room that is part of the overflow portion of the hospital).
By nature I'm a bit of a whiner and complainer, and in fact am ashamed to say I fall into that negative attitude and spirit way too often - compound it with lack of sleep and I'm not pleasant to be around.  However, I've  been working on changing this negative and ungodly behavior/attitude but it's H.A.R.D. at times.  Still a work in progress.

This is me while"working at it!"
I don't think it was by coincidence that while waiting the many hours in the surgical waiting room last Thursday, Merle shared something that John Piper had recently written:

"Don’t murmur about delays and inefficiencies in the hospital, when you are getting medical care that surpasses by a hundredfold what is available in 90% of the world".
“Do all things without murmuring” (Philippians 2:15). Paul said that the effect of not murmuring would be that we shine as lights in the midst of a crooked world — including the needy world of medicine."
 - John Piper - Desiring God blog post (4/8/14)

I've thought often about those words of powerful truth the past few days and also reflected on the fact that my sweet little girl  IS getting medical care that surpasses even a mere fraction (if any) of what she may have gotten while in China.  So why should I be "murmuring"?
Lest you think I'm some kind of angel, I'll readily admit it took much more prayer, effort and time to get myself into a more cheerful countenance when I was sitting in a 2x4 room.
Off the pulpit and back to Lucy's medical update -
Dr. Dias - our wonderfully caring neurosurgeon

Someday she'll love this man for what he's done for her and her future!
When our wonderful neurosurgeon, Dr. Dias came for his daily check in - he was thinking that maybe we were ready to go home but after talking, reviewing the facts - he deemed it best we stay.

Dr. D. planned to again increase stool softener and laxative dosages in hopes of Lucy having a bowel movement and the major factor of her not being able to walk or bear weight needed to be addressed in a more straightforward manor.  He planned to give physical therapy a call and have them consult with us while still here in the hospital.

Atlas, about two hours after Dr. D. left, Lucy girl had the long awaited bowel movement!! Wohoo -- one of the two major hurdles jumped!  Big sigh of relief......

Mid afternoon the physical therapist and a student arrived at Lucy's bedside.  I was looking forward to this meeting because I really had no idea HOW we were going to get this little girl up and on her fee, t let alone walking.  They assessed where Lucy was at physically, her pain level tolerance etc. (all the while Lucy thought it was play time)  They had brought a little 22" walker with them.  With a lot of helpful tricks up their sleeve (and educating Merle and I about using some of these tricks when we get home) - they had Lucy girl taking a few steps with the aid of the little walker and their assistance.  It was very tough for me to watch (J.E.D. you were on my mind all the while!!!).  She did a lot of crying and really it was hard for us to discern what was pain and what was fear.  (some sweet "been there done that" de-tether Mom's told me that often fear is at the root, but also that it is quickly overcome with confidence).
The following pictures are posted with love and dedication to Robert DiBona.  I've thought of you A LOT Robert boy while here at the hospital and how brave and strong you were when you went through your tough surgeries not so long ago!  Do you remember using a walker this tiny??  (Love you Robert!)
Ummm....  think I can do this
Brave girl's first few steps with walker

Building strength in legs, practicing standing

Core and back muscle strengthening - sitting on side of bed
Having periodic company has been a blessing and god distraction for all of us.  Lucy's Aunt Rhonda Lucy  and Uncle Don had a great idea in bringing in some of Lucy's favorite Chinese take-out with her.  Lucy did agree to eat some of it with much less coaxing, whining and begging to eat a few bites.  

Aunt Rhonda and Lucy playing the Princess cupcake game together

No shirt and Chinese - doesn't get much better!  Thanks Aunt Rhon!

Who knew - blowing bubbles = good  respiratory therapy
So by day's end, I didn't have to doubt that staying here longer was the best for Lucy and Mommy and Daddy.
Sweet Dr. Ephraim Church putting new steri-stips on Lucy's incision

We're optimistic that tomorrow we'll be able to go H-O-M-E!!!

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