Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Monday, July 22, 2013


If you've been following Our Red Thread from last December, you  may remember seeing the post HERE showing the video we saw where we first virtually met our "Little Miss So Sad."

David Peters states on his website(globalstory2film)s that he has a passion to take people on a journey to see and hear the soft spoken cry of a hurting world so they will consider being part of the global story - 2. Last December while in China working,  Dave diverted from his very busy schedule to film a short clip of an orphaned little girl,  helping her cry for a family be heard! You see, The MASTER WEAVER was working on Lucy's tapestry at the particular time as well as our tapestry!! Unbeknownst to them at the time,  Dave (and his friend Michael Rottina) were part of the weaving process!!  They were helping to weave the thread from a province in Central China to a little town on the north east coast of the United States!

And as this beautiful tapestry continues to be woven and made into God's great design for our lives and Lucy Kim's some of  it is going to be documented on film!
 FIND ME is a film about the back story of Chinese adoption ,what happens before “Gotcha Day.”  It’s about the foster families and orphanage workers who care for Chinese orphans and the bonds they form with them.  The film follows three families, one who meets their daughter for the first time (this would be us ;0), another who returns to China to locate their child’s finding place, and a third who reconnects with their daughter’s caregivers.
The campaign for this film began on July 19th.  You can see the 3 min. trailer by clicking HERE.  If you have facebook and would like to get updates about Find Me, click Facebook Page for Find Me and "like" it so that you'll automatically get updates.
We are so incredibly grateful for all of you who have been following, praying and helping financially.  Know that each one of you has added to the beautiful design in this unfinished tapestry!
What a blessing that you too will be able to see Lucy meeting us for the first time on Gotcha Day!!  To God be the Glory and Praise, great things He has done!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sending a Package of Love

Oh what a great God we serve!  Like only God can, He brought a very special lady (whom I've never met before and knew nothing about) into our life via an e-mail!  Yet again He has "woven the thread" and connected us with a dear Godly woman who will be hand delivering our "package of love" to Lucy Kim in just a few weeks!  Let me back track about 7 weeks .......

On May 28th, 2013 an interesting e-mail came to my inbox!  Here's an excerpt from it:

Hi Shaanxi friends- I'm writing to you because of your connection to the Shaanxi Province in China.(note this is the province that Lucy Kim is currently living in)  
Our adoption agency, AWAA has launched several ACT Mission trips for this summer/fall for the sole purpose of caring for orphans, and I've been called to lead the Shaanxi trip.  "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you!" (John 14:18).  We can't forget the orphans who are still waiting. So, we will COME to them!

That was her beginning lines of the e-mail, she went on to explain about the trip, invite others to join her, etc.  I contacted her via e-mail explained that Lucy Kim was in a certain orphanage, that we will be adopting and bringing her home in a few months and would she consider hand delivering a package to her as she will be there before us?  She replied that she too had a daughter adopted from the very same orphanage several years ago and that YES indeed they would be making a trip to this orphanage and also that she would be more than happy to make the special delivery to Lucy girl!  

Oh what a beautiful gift this is to us!  I'm told that sending care packages can be tricky as not only is it VERY EXPENSIVE and sometimes the packages never arrive to the intended child for a variety of reasons.  While we are sending Lucy a few little (lightweight ;0)  "fun things", I really, really, really want her to get a sneek peek at her family!!  I want her to have seen pictures of us and be a little familiar with all the different faces BEFORE "Mama and Baba"(mandarin name for Daddy) arrive to pick her up.  God in HIS loving and divine way has provided an avenue for that to happen.  Thank you TONI for being God's "messenger of love!"  I love and appreciate you for doing this.

Lucy may or may not be able to bring the things I send to her back home (praying she can bring the photo album and doll).  I thought some of my loyal blog readers might like to see what I sent to Lucy, so I took a picture for you :)   Lower left of the picture is a small ladybug backpack in which I put wrapped candy (hoping she can share w/ other children), a small stuffed hello kitty, our family photo book (thanks S.M.!!!), and a VERY SPECIAL hand made with love dolly that was named "Kimmy" made by Lucy's oldest sister - Linsey!  (Linsey I love you for doing this and yes I gave her a kiss before enclosing her in the package!), a copy of our "Letter of Acceptance" (so that Toni can show that we indeed have permission from the gov't to adopt this little one).

Will you join us in praying for Toni and her team as they head to China the end of July to love on orphans!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Letter of Acceptance Has Arrived!!!

Friends rejoice with us --- after THREE LONG MONTHS of waiting we have received the "Letter of Acceptance" from China (L.O.A.)!! This is a big deal and brings us one GIANT step closer to bringing Lucy Kim home.   I thought some of you visual learners might find this graphic informative and interesting.  The goal is step #15 (we just completed step #9 and are now waiting for step #10).  The question we are being asked is WHEN?  When do you think you'll travel to China?  This is still uncertain and you can see, it depends on how quickly steps # 10 through #14 happen but we're hoping and praying to travel sometime in September.