Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thanks for your visit!

Welcome to our blog! We are new to blogging, but our hope is that this will give you a peak inside of our journey and thoughts as we joyfully work and wait through the process of adopting our daughter. Please visit the "why we're adopting" page to find out how God began this journey at this point in our lives.

I'm a question person - tell me a story and I'm apt to have a half a dozen questions about it.  It's just my nature - I like lots of details!  Merle explains (in a lot of detail) about the "WHY"  we're adopting.  But I'm guessing there are a lot of other questions that some of you will think of.  Don't be afraid to ASK!  We welcome your questions.

I'm going to attempt to address a few questions that I've heard buzzing around and how we might possibly respond to them -

- Is it fair to a child to have "old parents"?  
   Which do you think an orphan would rather have, NO PARENTS or OLD PARENTS?

- With so many children needing homes in the United States, why are you going to a country a half a world away?
    ALL children are created in the image of God and deserve a family!  We believe that God has told us to go to China. 

- How are you going to pay for this adoption?
   The first response is -- "we don't know" (we don't have a big pot of money set aside) but what we DO KNOW is that where God guides, HE will provide.  We're calling this our "Faith Walk".

- Do you think it's fair to your other children to bring another child into your home?
   YES - I don't know that we could "talk about" or "explain in words" to them in a better way that God calls us to care for the orphans in their distress and to be servants!  We believe that this is "walking the talk" to them!  

-   How old do you think the little girl will be that you adopt?
    Probably (but we're also not limiting God) -somewhere between 3 and 7 years old

- Why not an older child?
   - While we would be open to an older child (and if God tells us that is HIS desire, we'll walk in that direction) - currently we think keeping the "birth order" in place is prob. a wise step with the current family dynamics.

We'd covet your prayers as we travel this path the Lord has laid out before us.  The mighty power of prayer is a beautiful thing and God loves for us to bring our praises and petitions to Him.  Will you consider being a prayer warrior for us and our daughter?


  1. Wanted to be first to say how much Jeff and I love you and your family and we will intercede consistently on your behalf & your daughters. We have enjoyed walking alongside you all these months in this journey, seeing where you were and where God has brought you. Such an encouragement and testimony of God's power to bring about His plan in His children's lives. We anxiously await the arrival of your new little girlie! :) Love from all of us Wilbers

  2. There is no other thrill that quite compares to watching our God work! We are excited with you about where He's taking your family, Merle and Kim! Our hearts are with you and we will be praying!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! ... so happy to learn of yet another step of obedience. He will be faithful, even through the tough times. But, you already know that!