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Friday, December 21, 2012

The International Adoption Process

And the teacher part of me comes out.....
For those of you who are new to the world of international adoption (like us!), this post will help to inform you of "what the process" looks like.  If you're one of those who can 'do without all the details" - you'll want to skip over this post!

As you read the L.O.N.G. list of thing to do below what you need to keep in mind and remember.....

There is a little person at the end of this process that desperately needs a Mommy and Daddy to "do the process" and "pay the ransom" so they no longer need to carry the orphan status and have a family to call their very own!  
First and foremost - PRAYER is essential!  We would encourage all those who are children of God to devote this journey to continual prayer.
Application - next we sent our application to the adoption agency along w/ the necessary fees to "process the application."  The application we completed was 8 pages (this is longer then the "basic" application because we have a desire to adopt a "waiting child" - so we needed to also complete the "special needs application" .
The application process is to make sure that your family "qualifies" for an adoption in the country you are pursuing to adopt a child.  Each country has different standards and guidelines.
After acceptance by the adoption agency comes the H.U.G.E. paperwork trail.  When they say "adoption isn't for the faint at heart" - one is most likely speaking to this part of the process in part at least.

HOME STUDY needs to be completed.
Here is a listing of what is required from our adoption agency in completing our home study.
A certified copy of marriage license
Multiple certified copies of birth certificates
Proof of training records (more on that below)
Some countries require a psychological evaluation
Physicals - the adoptive parents as well as all household members need to have current physicals
Police Clearance
Child Abuse Clearance
FBI Fingerprints
Reference Letters
Proof of Medical/Health Insurance
Proof of Income
Verification of Debt
Verification of Assets
Financial Worksheet
3 or 4 visits from adoption worker (either all at place of residence or a combo. of agency and home visits)- interviewing the adoptive parents as well as all members of the family.  Our agency has a 13 page "preliminary question" sheet to complete in preparation for the home study visits.
Proof of Life Insurance Coverage


The amount of training and topics vary from country to country.  But all adoptive families adopting internationally need to complete training.  This training is to help "prepare" the adoptive family.  Our agency has a total of 14 training hours required.  Here are the topics that we learned about and were tested on:
Conspicuous Families
China:  Language, Festivals, and Traditions
China:  Her Land & People, History, and Philosophies
 For parents of newly adopted school-aged children
For parents of newly adopted toddlers/preschoolers"
Medical Issues in International Adoption
Adopting the Older Child
Rights of the Child/Intercountry Adoption
Adoption Law of The People's Republic of China

Once all of the above is completed and approved, several things will need to be added to complete the
Employment letters for both spouses
Adoption Application Letter
Psychological Evaluation
Six photos reflecting family life
Two passport photos of each applicant
Copies of passports
United States Immigration Notice of Favorable Determination (upon the completion and acceptance of a

The dossier is then checked, re-checked, notarized and authenticated for China!

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