Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our adoption status December 2012

A quick update as to where our family is currently at as of  December 28, 2012
- All of our home study visits are completed
- Pictures printed for dossier
- Extra set of passport photos taken
- 14 hours of training completed
- Financial paperwork compiled
- Physicals and corresponding paperer work completed
-Psychological evaluations completed
- Adoption agency received all reference letters
- First set of fingerprints completed
- Copies of certified marriage license received
- All four of our PA Child Abuse clearances have been received
- Waiting on Merle and I's certified copies of our birth certificates

Next steps in the line-up:
- Our home study will be written and reviewed
- Completing necessary paperwork for the I-800A - (an application for determination of suitability to adopt a child from a Hague convention country)
- Upon receiving approval  from the government of the I-800A (a letter from the USCIS of "favorable determination") - all paperwork will be "authenticated for China" by the Chinese Consulate in New York
- A certified check will need to be given to our agency for $6580- the next large installment amount due
- After all papers are authenticated and re-checked  and next financial obligations met - our dossier will be ready to send to China! (Sometimes you will see "DTC" - this stands for Dossier to China!")

**  Always keeping in our minds that these precious children without families need parents to do this  paper process and "pay the ransom" to bring them into a family!  At the other end, a child made in the image of her heavenly Father is waiting for her earthly Daddy and Mommy to bring her home! **

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