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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Post Op. Days One and Two (March 19 -20, 2015) - "The Lord is with you mighty warrior!" (Judges 6:12b)

Days one and two of recovery after external fixator (ilizarov) surgery were full of ups and downs. Varying kinds of strong medication was given every two hours.  The goal is keeping the pain level low or almost none existent.
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Daddy's hand is a source of security and comfort
Physical therapy department made a few visits to Lucy's room and one of those visits entailed measuring her for a wheelchair.   The seat portion needs to be deep enough that her little leg that supports the ex. fix. can be resting on the seat.  

As scheduled, on Friday Lucy had the white gauze wrapping from her ex. fix. removed.  I've been asked how she's dealing with seeing the ex. fix.  All in all - "good" would be my reply.  I really believe that baby doll Mei Ling softened the blow of a very daunting procedure.

Pop-Pop sure did a great job with Mei Ling's ex. fix.!   The nurses and doctors here at Shriner's have loved seeing Mei Ling and one  of Lucy's nurses took Mei Ling and introduced her to some of the other nurses on the floor.  While the nurses are very accustomed to seeing and helping children in ilizerovs none have seen a doll with an ex. fix!  But then again there probably aren't too many MacGuyver Pop Pop's out there!
Starting the unveiling
(removing the gauze)
Taking a good look

Not sure she likes what she sees

Debating if she's ok with this contraption or not
Right now the movement of being put into a wheelchair or onto a bedside potty chair seems to trigger pain.  It then takes a long time for Lucy to get comfortable again after being put back into her bed.
 At lunchtime on Friday, Lucy was moved from pediatric intensive care to a regular post surgery floor.  I think maybe years ago they may have called the room she's in on the fifth floor a ward or something.  There are four beds and a crib in this room!  However, Lucy is the only patient in the room at this time.
We're ready to move onto day three of this recovery.  Lucy has been constantly telling us she wants to go home!
Upclose look at Lucy's external fixator with
connected "thinger ma bob"
Three months Mom?
Dear Dr. vanBosse stopped in for a second time to see Lucy after a long full day in clinic on Friday (8:00 p.m.!) - Lucy asked Dr. V if he wanted to see her ex.fix., he said, "Sure" - he exclaimed - "Oh Wow" to which she replied "I don't like it!".  Dr. vanB. then said "oh sorry, I got the best one I could"
Lucy and Dr. vB - taken in Oct. 2014
In reality we don't think Lucy understands that Dr.vB put on the ex. fix.  In fact I'm not sure she has thought it through that while sleeping someone actually is working over her body (and I'm cool with that innocence!) and things don't magically happen while in surgery.

The Lord is with you mighty warrior!
Judges 6:12(b)

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  1. I guess you could say 2 days down....a few to go. Prayers, too bad the epidural didn't work.