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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making room for a new room mate and meeting Mei Ling (video snippets included)

Our two sweet princess'
Sweet Sadie ALWAYS brings a smile to Lucy's face
As we get increasingly closer to surgery day (March 18th), we  have been able to check things off the "to do" list in preparation of Lucy's surgery and the lifestyle changes we'll need to adapt to for a few months.  Recently Daddy and Mommy rearranged their bedroom, making room for their little room mate.  A cute little toddler bed now resides beside our bed.  Lucy will be a few feet from Mama's side of the bed!  Our bedroom is on the first floor and it seemed logical to "move her in" as opposed to carrying her up and down the steps to her second floor bedroom; especially for the first several weeks while we are learning our new groove.

We continue to try and prepare Lucy for her upcoming surgery by having casual conversations about her "ex fix", her new wheelchair, teaching her that Jesus is with us all the time and everywhere, and teaching her Bible verses.
We are praying that Jesus will fill our girl with the peace spoken about in scriptures "peace that passes understanding."

On a Monday evening a little more than a week before surgery when the house was quite (a RARE occasion) with just Mommy, Daddy and Lucy girl at home, we decided that it was a good time for Lucy to meet baby Mei Ling.  If you've read earlier posts, you'll remember that little Mei Ling has the same leg anomaly as Lucy Kim.  (Mei Ling's undergone surgery and is already recovering with her ex. fix.)  Daddy was able to capture Lucy's initial reaction to seeing Mei LIng on tape and also a short snippet of Lucy explaining to Mei Ling why she needs an ex fix.  We thought you might enjoy hearing her voice and her English after being home just 18 months!  (click links below)

Please pray with us that Lucy will stay healthy leading up to surgery, that a peace will encompass our girl before, during and after surgery, that no complications or infections will arise during surgery or recovery, pain is able to be well managed, wisdom for caretakers, and for both stamina and rest for the journey.  HE is faithful!
As a quick video bonus - enjoy a one minute video of Lucy reciting (with help) some of the verses she's memorized.

Image result for the lord is with you mighty warrior
Judges 6:12(b) - one of the verses
Lucy's memorized and being reminded of daily!

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