Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In honor of the birthday girl, let's play a game of MAIL MANIA!

 We continue to have such gratitude to the many, many people that prayed and financially helped to bring Qu Yan(Lucy Kim) home.  It remains our foremost desire to glorify God by sharing portions of our adoption journey and the journey following adoption with you. Many have watched/read about the enormous changes of a little girl who a year and a half ago was an orphan with such a sad little face to the happy, joy filled and ornery almost five year old she is today.
         We want you to see/hear firsthand what God does in our lives when we are willing to put even a shaky "yes"on the table and step out in faith!  Adoption like so many of the very best gifts God gives us often times begins with baby steps of faith.

  In two weeks (March 17th), Lucy Kim will celebrate her fifth birthday and 2nd birthday home.  In honor of Lucy's special day we want to celebrate by doing something that has special meaning and significance.  We're inviting all of  Lucy's family, friends and anyone reading this to celebrate with us by playing a round of  MAIL MANIA game.  
(see how to play the game below )
Two birthdays home = celebrating by helping two friends H.O.M.E.!

 Only two years ago Lucy Kim's story looked much the same as each of theirs!
Our family knows both of the families that are stepping out in faith to bring these precious girls home to join their families as daughters.

Meet "Little K"
Little K. is only three days younger then Lucy Kim! She too will turn five years old in March.  She's beautiful, isn't she!?  What these adorable picture don't show is that behind that cute little sweater is a failing little heart.  Little K. has a complex heart condition and needs to get the United States for an urgently needed heart surgery.  Because of her fragile health condition, Little K's adoption is being expedited. Her family is working double time to get their girl home. They are excited to show her the heart of her heavenly father and lavish His love on her.
Meet Sweet Sophie

Couldn't you just scoop her up and squeeze Sophie's rosey cheeks!  Sweet Sophie is three years old and her special need is albinism which comes with pigment and eye issues. Most people with albinism are legally blind but her family will have to wait and see what her functional vision is.  Many in China believe that a child born with albinism is a curse from the gods. Filled with faith, Sophie's parents are eager to bring their girl home and introduce her to the love and care of the One true God.

Our birthday girl will turn 5 on March 17th.
We thought it would be fun to collect as many $5 bills as we can.
The birthday girl will have the fun of getting and opening the mail
 and then passing the blessing on to
Little K. and Sophie - helping to bring them
 home .

This game needs LOTS and LOTS of players.....
Mail Mania game rules are fun and flexible
below are mere suggestions of how you can play -
 a) send a birthday card/note/or even a post it note
b)  send the above b-day greetings along with $5 check or cash 
c) send two five dollar bills (or a $10 check) -one for each friend

Birthday Girl Lucy
c/o The Bath Barn
723 Rothsville Road
Lititz PA 17543
*please postmark by Lucy's birthday - March 17th

**Tax deductible gifts for Little K - make payable to "Lifesong for Orphans"
Tax deductible gifts for Sophie - make payable to "Madison Adoption Agency"

If you are not interested/need a tax deduction, you can mail one check to me(at above address) "Kimberly Zimmerman" and earmark in memo which girl or if for both
  ALL money sent goes toward the girls' adoptions
*All players WIN!!
Thanks friends!

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