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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Saturday, February 21, 2015

presents and preparing the princess' for her next surgery

So how does one attempt to prepare a five year old for a surgery that will result in her coming out of anesthesia in pain,being non-mobile and with metal drilled into her leg from thigh to foot?
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the expert putting on finishing touches

You brainstorm with an extremely talented and resourceful "Pop Pop"!


"Baby Mei Ling" (sporting her external fix.) with Dr. Pop Pop

It is our hope that "Baby Mei Ling" will help to lessen anxiety by being a touchable and lovable visual while taking some of the scariness out of having an external fixator attached to one's leg.  Coincidentally, Mei Ling also has a right knee that is bent and needs fixed!  Same/Same as Lucy Kim.  Mei Ling's doctor reports that Mei Ling needed a special brace on her leg (that we not so fondly call and "ex. fix.") this needed to be put on so that Mei Ling's little leg can "go out straight" just like her other leg.  It will take a while to fix that leg and Lucy will probably need to help "turn the screws" 4x each day...... you get the idea!  *Note:  As of the publishing of this post, Lucy has not yet  met Mei Ling, so if you see Lucy this next week, know she doesn't yet know about our secret. 

While we attempt to find creative ways to prepare our girl, we believe that the single best way to help her is through intercession - the mighty power of prayer!  We cherish your prayers to the Great Physician - asking that Lucy will be given that peace that passes understanding as she undergoes this next surgery on March 18th and for the months following.
* And friends while you're talking to our Father God, will you pray for Lucy's special cousin, Robert who will also be undergoing a complex surgery just a week after Lucy! This young man 

 (and his beloved Mama) have been an inspiration to me through the years.  Robert has endured many tough seasons in his short fourteen years - surgeries, countless therapies and at times intense pain.  Praying for Robert and Lucy would be a gift!  If you'd like to send your encouragement in a tangible way, you can send Robert and/or Lucy well wishes or cards. I'm sure they would love getting mail!
 - ALL cards (for either Lucy or Robert) can be sent to
Attn:  Robert D. or Lucy Z.
c/o The Bath Barn
723 Rothsville Road
Lititz PA 17543
Robert and Lucy have immediate family that work at the above business and all cards will be taken home to the children,  Cards mailed early will be held until right after surgery time.   
Thank so very much for your love and support!

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