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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Monday, December 15, 2014

"I like you to come home to my Mommy's house..."

On December 4th, 2014, we celebrated another extremely special event.  The premiere of "Find Me" was held at our local theater!! 
Kathi excited to see "Find Me" in lights

"Uncle Dave" with his Luuucy girl
   Before the viewing of the film, we enjoyed dinner at a local Chinese restaurant with our friends, the producers of  "Find Me", Dave & Kathi Peters and Michael Rottina. God,  as our divine Red Thread, used Mike and David while in China in 2012 as very key pieces of the puzzle in guiding us to our girl.  While at dinner, Lucy leaned over and told her "Uncle Dave" and I quote in Lucy's words - "I like you to come home to my Mommy's house" - that's  her sweet "Chinglish"for..... "I love you for bringing me home to my Mommy's house "(family)!!!  I had told "Uncle Dave" on several occasions over the past year that I felt that our very intelligent little girl knew that he and "Uncle Mike"  were instrumental in bringing her home from China.  Lucy chooses to speak very little about her life in China and her adoption.  That one impromptu, love filled sentenced said so very much.   She's known!!  She's grateful and she's happy!  Thank you Dave and Mike for listening to God's prompting and making a detour in that day's plans, and helping to  be a voice for a voiceless little girl waiting for her family.  We are forever grateful!
With  lots of excitement, and some nervousness,  we watched the theater seats quickly fill.   Uncle Dave made a few opening remarks including one that told everyone in the theater that this was the first time that the families featured in the documentary would be seeing the film.   While we often talk about living in China, her "China Mom" (foster mom), her adoption, we didn't know how she might react to seeing it all on the huge screen,  and virtually  reliving a very emotional experience that only happened just over a year ago.  She sat on Mommy's lap with Daddy right beside us.  I'm not sure she budged the entire 80 minutes except to pull my arms tighter around her at different times.  I have no doubt that she is continually  processing all the trauma that she's been through in her four years of life (and will continue to process)...., Daddy and Mommy had tears rolling down our cheeks only minutes into the film....... 
Find Me is a beautiful, captivating, emotional and love filled documentary.  To God be the glory!  And again thank you David Peters, Kathi Peters and Michael Rottina for your labor of love in the making of this film.  May it be used as an instrument in helping more families find their children......

Unfortunately we did not get any pictures on premiere night with Lucy's beloved "Uncle Mike." 

Copies of the dvd will be for sale via vision video in the near future as well as streaming options.  Details to follow.  If you have questions about obtaining a copy of a Finid Me  dvd - please e-mail me at or leave a comment.

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  1. I've got to see FIND ME! We missed it, as we were in China. It aired day two after our Bobby's gotcha day. :)