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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Between Surgeries (2 of 2)

This window of time between surgeries has flown by.  Landing right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our family has been very busy and having a non-weight bearing/ambulatory child hasn't slowed us or our schedule down!

After getting a six a.m. flight from  Missouri into Baltimore, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day (and Mommy's birthday) with extended family, followed by another family tradition on the Saturday following T-giving - the annual Zimmerman family cookie bake.  Two weeks post surgery, Lucy did  well with the extra family events and had lots of fun.
Team work!

Sprinkling the sandtarts

This girl stuck with it 'til the bitter end!
The day following the big cookie bake, Sunday) Lucy Kim was so excited to see "her Emmy" again.  Away at Bible college for four months in Costa Rica, our family greatly missed our fun loving, musically talented, lovable and silly red head!
Having traveled to China with us last year to bring our baby girl home, Emily and Lucy share a special and sweet sister bond.  In fact maybe that bond's a little to close because now BOTH GIRLS are in leg casts!  Monday afternoon found Emily and I at the orthopedic doctor's office where we learned that Emily had a fractured foot.  She apparently broke a small bone above her heel while at a water slide in Costa Rica two weeks before coming home! (yep, she limped around for two weeks on a broken foot).  Lucy's reaction to seeing Emily in a cast was funny - "Same, same Emily"!!
One has a cast on the right leg the other the left!

Same, same!
Last year Lucy was only home three months from China when we celebrated Jesus' birth.   When  Lucy's Mom-Mom decorated her house and put up the Christmas tree, she was one very excited little girl!  She just loved the decorations and didn't give us any peace until Daddy put up our Christmas tree.  She had a fun time putting the decorations on the lower part of the tree and then convinced her Daddy to hold her up to decorate some of the taller branches.

Lucy is scheduled to have her next surgery with Dr. Dobbs in St. Louis (to remove the pin in her foot) on December 23rd.

* Check back,....coming entitled "Lucy's adoption on film....Find Me" to read about another very special event our family experienced together recently....

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