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Friday, December 12, 2014

Between Surgeries (1 of 2)

The cast that was put on Lucy Kim in the operating room was bigger, heavier and bulkier then her pre-surgery casts.  Because the cast was "split," the plaster was covered with a dark green ace bandage type material.  It began to look frayed quickly (because of rubbing against furniture, moving in bed, etc.)  Her big sister called it the "shabby chic look."  Hipster cast girl!

Two weeks after Lucy's surgery, she needed to be seen by Dr. Dobbs for a wound check.

 The blessing of Lucy's cast being split (allowing for swelling after surgery) meant that the loud, scary cast remover machine did NOT need to be used to take off the cast!!  Wohoo!
Prying the cast open on each side
Seeing her foot for the first time since surgery
2 weeks post surgery

Daddy always by her side!
While there was a lot of bruising and  some swelling, the doctor said the surgery site looked good, the pin was still in place and Dr. Dobbs was also very pleased with the range of motion he seemed to get from the foot and ankle, two weeks post surgery.
Poor Lucy was a bit shocked to see her foot post surgery.  It appeared that with the cast off and her foot and leg exposed, she felt very vulnerable and unprotected.  Anyone who entered the room to look at her foot she would quietly tell "be gentle, be gentle." 

Lucy was re-casted for the LAST time (seventh cast) and she chose the color black for this cast.  This final cast will be on the longest of any of the casts.  Approximately four weeks.  Protected inside the cast, her foot will continue to heal from the trauma of surgery.

After a whirlwind trip, we came back home on Thanksgiving morning.  

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