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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Sunday, September 8, 2013

China - Day Ten - Medical Exam, Grocery Shopping, Paperwork and Playroom Time

Today was the day that Lucy girl was scheduled to have her mandatory medical exam and TB test.  We met our guide in our hotel lobby at 10:00 and headed to the medical facility where ALL adoptive families go to have this "exam."   The building was much like the civil affair office building in Xi'an and poor Lucy girl began getting worried.  (this makes me so incredibly sad for her)  Lily did a great job of telling her what was going to happen.   When we got off the elevator and headed into the medical office, there were many, many Caucasian parents with Chinese children!  It appeared to be first come, first serve type of thing.  Since Merle delegates all paperwork completion to me (insert grin), I completed it before we entered room one of four rooms we would need to go in and out of.  Room One - was a quick visit with the doctor.  He quickly scanned the Chinese copy of the medical report that was given to us in Lucy's file (back in January, 2013).  He then did a very quick "assessment" of Lucy and wrote notes (in Chinese).  We left Room One then waited in the hallway outside of Room Two until it was our turn.  In Room Two , Lily told us "in here you can take pictures".  Here, Lucy would have her ears and mouth/throat checked.  Of course our girl was nervous with each room we entered (can anyone blame her!) and Lily told her exactly what was going to happen.  In room two was such a kind nurse who first checked baby doll "Kimmy" (doll that Linsey made and named for Lucy and she LOVES her!) and then proceeded to check the same on Lucy.

After our quick stop in Room Two we proceeded to wait a short time in the hallway to enter Room Three.  Here Lucy got weighed and had her head circumference measured.  She only teared up a bit when I had to place her on the scale for a moment.
Room Four was the dreaded room!  We knew that Lucy would be taken from us and have her blood drawn for her TB test.  (they recently switched from the "prick" style to a blood draw)  Merle and I sat in the hall crying ourselves as we felt so bad for her!  HOWEVER, she came out NOT CRYING.  It appeared she had cried while in there but must have stopped and was enamored with her sticker (a.k.a. bandaid!!).  I LOVE that two and three year olds love bandaids!
Whew - we were now done with the dreaded medical exam!  This was the last thing I was feeling a little uptight about FOR Lucy while in China.

A drinkable yogurt makes everything better!
Now it was onto the grocery store to pick up some drinks and snacks.  I find the grocery stores here in China sooo interesting!  Lily asked what we'd like and guided us around.  Of course getting some more drinkable yogurts was a "must have" along with a bag of oreos and a Dove chocolate bar!
Deciding which kind to buy

Waiting for Mommy while she gets me yogurt

Looking for snacks in Guangzhou grocery store
After our grocery store adventure we headed back to the hotel.  After a nap and relaxation time, we headed to check out the hotel's "playroom."  We had the small room to ourselves - it's a sweet little room to take little ones.
Enjoying the playroom

The "China Daily" is delivered to our room each day.  Written in English, it's nice to catch some current news.  We thought today's newspaper was interesting to see!

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  1. So nice to get a peek at Lily - tell her hello for us! She was a wonderful guide when we were there in April. I had to giggle at the picture of the stroller and Lucy's big grin. Brynna loved that stroller and I loved that it saved me from getting all hot and sweaty and sticky in GZ's high humidity :) Looks like it's all coming to a GREAT finale :) So happy for you all.