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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Advocating for Emily - follow up post

This three minute trailer might be hard to watch, but sometimes "Living Out Loud" is tough.... I encourage you to watch all three minutes with an open heart...... (click link below)

Find Me - Emily

Three weeks ago today, while in China, we met a very special girl, who we fondly gave the English name, "Emily."  Her deep desire for a family of her own broke our hearts! From that day three weeks ago,  I've carried her in my heart and mind.  I've prayed many times for her tender heart and for her family to "Find Her."  For those of you that were "traveling with us" while in China (following this blog), you'll remember this blog post I wrote, advocating for sweet "Emily."
Each time the adoption director takes an adoptive family on a tour of the orphanage, Emily always asks the director if a family has been found for her.  She desperately wants to have her own family and time is running out....

Shortly after we arrived back in the United States, our dear friends at Find Me- the documentary fb page have been very busy continuing to advocate for Emily in helping her forever family to "Find Her." (same friends who helped us to FIND our waiting Qu Yan (a.k.a. "Lucy Kim")!
I am beyond thrilled to report that many, many families have expressed interest in adopting Emily!!

An update from Emily's social welfare institute has reported that "Emily's paperwork is now complete, and as of last Friday it was sent to Beijing.  They are waiting to hear when she is considered logged in in China."

I am soo happy not only for sweet Emily (and the family that will welcome this gem into their home) but also for the other children that she will help to find a family for!

In bravely expressing her emotions and desire to have a family of her own, she was a voice and a real life visual for so many other children who also long for a family but are not able to be heard or seen. (tucked away in eerie silence but w.a.i.t.i.n.g. and longing just the same).   Praise God, her story has been seen by over 11,000 people (within a week) and there are families who are praying, thinking, considering and researching being an adoptive family for the older child who has a limited amount of time to secure a family before they "age out" and it is no longer possible.

I hope to continue to keep you updated on "Emily's story......."

In the meantime there's something very powerful we can be doing for the "Emilys and Lucys" that are waiting and begging God for a family!  Please consider being a prayer warrior for these orphans as well as  prospective families considering adding to their family through the gift of adoption!   They need our love, support and most importantly our prayers on their behalf!  The adoption process is tough, expensive, and can be emotionally draining but WORTH the reward waiting on the other side of the paperwork and finances!
REMEMBER......where GOD guides, HE ALWAYS provides!!
 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16).

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  1. So happy to hear that Emily will most likely be adopted. She seems like a really sweet girl. Thanks for caring and sharing.