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Saturday, September 7, 2013

China - Day Seven - part two - Advocating for "Emily"

This is sweet "Emily" - wearing a "Gettysburg" shirt
As I wrote about in part 1 of this 3 part post - today was a day filled with many emotions!  While at the social welfare institute (a.k.a.= orphanage), Miss R wanted Dave (our friend/producer) to do another "Find Me" trailer to advocate for a very sweet girl.

Miss R told us that every time a family comes through to visit the orphanage she asks if she has a family yet?  She desperately, desperately wants a family of her own.  She is a beautiful twelve year old with soo much potential.  Her teachers report that she a constantly happy and so very helpful with the little ones there.

Dave was able to do a "quick interview" (with dear Miss R translating).  As she told a little about herself and wanting a family, Merle and I had to literally walk away because of sobbing.  Miss R was crying and trying to translate at the same time.  We have given her the English name of "Emily" to refer to her.

Dave captured her singing with the little children and doing a little dance to show the pre-schoolers how it's done.  Like the other 799 children, she deserves a family.  They are currently trying to get all of her paperwork together.  If you know of someone or know someone who might know someone who is interested in adopting a precious older child, please contact me!!  She will "age out" in only a year or year and a half then it will be too late for her to be adopted!   Please, please let's not let that happen.  Emily is so precious.

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  1. Just found this! Another picture of her! I am starting the paperwork as we speak. Please pray that my Husband Chris continues to open his heart to this. Funny thing is, I teach music and motions to preschoolers!! Emily looks like she can help me :) Interesting to know you are the one who chose "Emily". In our family we have kind of a joke that we use every name 2ce. 2 Chris', 2 Charlies, 2 Davids, 2 Marks, 2 Johns, 2 Annas, 2 get it. We only had 1 Emily...until now. Many prayers coveted for us!