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Friday, March 18, 2016

Blog Bits and Birthday Beauty (part 3 of 3)

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The third part and final part of our 1st quarter 2016 update continued.......

Celebrating Chinese New Year - this year's February celebration was low key and a bit quieter than our last two.

she's got the "duck lips" pose down
"take a picture like this Mom!"
waiting for lunch at our favorite local Chinese restaurant
  Play time - Lucy's choice of what to do with her play time varies depending on WHO is around to play with.   If alone, Lucy can often be found playing with matchbox cars (one of her fav. past times), drawing parking spaces for her match boxes, asking for the "bean bin" to dig around in or riding her little car outdoors.  You get the idea -  she loves cars and trucks!
keepin' up with the boys
snuggled in for movie night with her BFFs

these two can be pals or fight like cats and dogs

  First family birthday of the year - celebrating big brother Kaden's March birthday, means that ten days later it will be her turn to celebrate her birthday!

 We continue to have the privilege of mentoring, helping, supporting and encouraging other families as they work toward bringing home their children through adoption. The past few months, we've seen an increase in these opportunities.  We're excited  to share some of these God stories with you in future posts!
Hand painted print in Lucy's room - supporting an adoption
 fund raiser.  Painted by 2 VERY talented
young adult adoptees from China 

In December, 2012 when we started this blog it was the easiest/most convenient way to keep our friends and family updated in one central place during our adoption process.  As you can see, Our Red Thread posts have continued well beyond our adoption of  Lucy Kim.  So many of you lovingly supported Lucy and our family in her journey home as well as expressing  to us wanting to know updates on Lucy Kim's continuing journey. The first two years there was much to post as the plethora of appointments and medical needs were attended to.

While Lucy will have on-going transitions and changes, they appear to be (thankfully!) slowing down in intensity and frequency.

We continue to be extremely grateful for your on-going love and support!  Really!! I can not express enough how it's often the life line that adoptive families cling to in the "hard" of their journeys (transitions, bonding, attachment and medical needs to name a few)  I hope to continue to post periodic updates on Lucy Kim,  (sometimes they'll be several posts in succession then a lull - but stay tuned)

It is also my hope to continue to encourage our readers to journey with us as we write and share about other families that are taking the faith steps in their adoption journey.  We want to share and encourage you in ways you can continue to support, encourage and be hands on in helping bring orphans home to their families!  It takes a village!

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