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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Post surgery update......

At the Ronald Mcdonald House - holding up the very  last link of the
ex. fix. paper chain- night before surgery
On Wednesday morning, June 17th we arrived at Shriner's Hospital for Children to check in for surgery only to find out the entire hospital's computer system was down.  As the waiting room filled with parents and children, I had to wonder just how backed up appointments and scheduled surgeries might become.   Receptionists were handwriting patient identity wrist bands, asking parents to complete forms listing any medical changes with pen and paper!  You know,  like the "old days."  Thankfully, within twenty five minutes, the computer system was back up and running!  Lucy's surgery took place on time as planned.  The handwritten ID bracelet was removed and replaced with a computer generated one.
Lucy bravely walked the hall back to PACU like a trooper.  When the PACU double doors opened, the smile disappeared and her facial expression changed immediately.  There in front of her stood several PACU nurses donned in scrubs complete with the paper operating room hats.  She immediately tightened her grip on my arm and turned her face into my skirt.   With many words of reassurance that she would be taking a "quick nap" and getting her ex. fix. off she bravely walked back to our waiting area where Mommy answered familiar pre-surgery questions and Daddy prepared to carry his girl once again back to the operating room.
Final minutes with the ex. fix. on her leg
Doll "Rosie" in her new home at Shriner's hospital
new pillow case chosen, hospital gown and hat on - check!
And Daddy preps to carry his
girl back to the operating room

Lucy's loopy on versed and Daddy's lookin'
like he's from another planet
Surgery went fast and was over within an hour!  Dr. vanBosse met us in the parents waiting room and told us surgery went well, her bones were lined up nicely and that her leg looked great.  He had put a full length cast on her leg and wrapped it in the color she chose pre-surgery - PINK!

Our girl sleeps and sleeps under anesthesia sedation!  Pre-surgery I had told the anesthesiologist that she takes a l-o-n-g time to come out of anesthesia, so they gave her a little less than what they normally would for a child of her height and  weight.  It still took about an hour and a half ( the surgeon had  said they'll probably be calling us in twenty minutes to go back to her ) until she woke!  And this time she woke HAPPY!
Smiles and a new pink cast

She was hungry.  Very hungry.  She ate several packets of saltines and graham crackers and sipped on apple juice.  We were discharged from the PACU then headed to physical therapy to pick up her cast boot, then we were homeward bound with a very happy ex. fixless little girl!
The ride home was a bit rough for Lucy.  The combination of anesthesia still in her system and the stop and go traffic in Philadelphia caused her to have a very sick feeling belly   Thankfully we made it home with no vomiting.

While Lucy doesn't have much pain, she does have some achiness most especially from where they performed her hip "release" (tenotomy).  Tylenol is keeping it manageable.

Earlier in the week, I was happy to make one particular phone call.  I called and scheduled for Lucy's wheelchair to be picked up.

Lucy is able to "bear weight as tolerated".  Once home, she requested the little red walker again.This  piece of equipment gives her an added sense of security as she builds strength and confidence.  But within 24 hrs. of being home, it was put away because our brave warrior princess found the confidence to go it without the walker.

This girl has been so very excited to ride her car again!  She wants to get places fast and she knows that this is possible via her pink/purple car.  So after breakfast this morning Mommy gave her the green light to RIDE!  (with a speed limit of "medium" fast!)

And so begins Lucy's next part of her medical journey - post external fixator!!!!  

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