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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lucy's LIfe in an Ex. Fix - Month Two - Tuesday morning friends = happy medicine! (part 1 of 3)

At the time of this writing,  Lucy's only days short of completing her second month in the ilizarov/ ex. fix!  One more month and it's time to be rid of the cage that encompasses her right leg.
 This blog post is dedicated to some very special little people in Lucy's life .  Little ones that provided "happy medicine" for our girl each week during a long eight months of medical interventions.

Lucy's Tuesday morning friends have been such a blessing to both Lucy and (teacher) Mommy during this past school year.  Knowing that Lucy would have a lot of medical intervention over this past school year, I felt it would be important to her psyche to have at least one fun day each week to look forward to amidst the doctor appointments, hospitals stays, etc.  Time  with other "littles" having fun but in a purposeful learning type environment where she'd also  see the social nuances of American preschoolers. Putting Lucy girl into a typical preschool wasn't a fit as she would miss a lot of classroom time due to having many appointments   Last summer, God planted an idea that I prayed about and then God graciously worked out the details in bringing our little Tuesday morning group together including having some racial diversity in our little class (something so important to this Mama of a multi racial family). This group of eleven preschoolers rock!   They have been so supportive and caring of their classmate, Lucy during this school year watching each step of her medical journey.  Each and every step of Lucy's medical procedures, "Mrs. Z." explained to them in detail.  I did this so they would have an understanding of why Lucy wasn't there and why she may be at a doctor's appointment or in the hospital, possibly in a cast, or in an ex. fix..... and to not be afraid.

 ALL ten of them always sat attentively (sometimes with their mouths open) and listened and often asked questions.

 Lucy's friends enjoy their turn in pushing Lucy
even if they can't see over the wheelchair!
   Lucy's little friends have been a gift to her during this long medical journey.  Each of them seem to love Lucy and extend compassion to her and I know she loves all ten of them!

Thankful for God's provision in the gift of friendship and support for our "warrior princess"!
Check back to see part 2  to read "from chair to air"

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