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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lucy's life in an ex. fix - month two - from the chair into the air and matching Mei Ling! (part 2 of 3)

This above picture is precious to me.
When you peer through that dining room window you see L.O.V.E. in action!

Little Miss in her wheel chair (with her custom made table  top) looking out the window to see her precious Pop Pop making her a swing!!  A special swing that accommodates a sweet, brave five year old little girl sporting an external fixator.  Because (and I quote) - "it's gonna be a long spring and she needs to be able to swing like the other kids!")
Sooo excited
Even though the very first time Lucy tried out her new swing, it was very cold - she insisted on staying out until her hands were frozen.  The next time was a beautiful spring day (compliments to  Pennsylvania's spring weather) and she was in that swing for two and one half hours!!  She loved being out of her (wheel)chair and being in the air!  Since her swing has a handy dandy small table in front of her, Mommy served her a "picnic lunch" in the swing that day!

Big brothers are great swing pushers
swinging trio

If you're B.F.F. is tiny, she can fit in the swing with you!
Blessed by a Pop Pop who uses his God given creativity and talents to bring sunshine and smiles to Lucy's days and the gift of having more freedom!

Because these pictures are too cute not to share and in the off chance you were wondering, baby Mei Ling is still wearing her ex. fix too!  And....a very special someone decided that the two ex. fix. girls needed to be "same/same!"  (thanks so much K.M.!!)


Check back for part three of this three part series soon .....

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