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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We interrupt this scheduled program to take you on a detour!

We've had a BIG change in what we thought was going to be our regularly scheduled program for twelve weeks plus.  
Unaware to us at the time of the post I wrote in August, Freeway Fix a Foot was not the best road to take for LK.  The Divine "Red Thread" had a much better path to follow then the road we had been on and has connected us to that road.  So Lucy has made a detour and will soon be on a new path in her medical journey.  
Unwrapping the cast
Let me back up a bit and fill you in on what has happened concerning Lucy's medical care in the last several weeks, so that you know what I'm talking about.
Lucy's chiropractor, her beloved "Dr. Scott" who takes
good care of keeping her in alignment, esp. w/ her altered gait.
Nothing has changed in the fact that Lucy still needs a lot of medical intervention in correcting her deformed right foot.  However, after the second cast was put on Lucy's foot at the very end of August, I wasn't feeling good about things.   I won't go into all of the details of why but suffice it to say that the doctor who was overseeing Lucy's care didn't have enough experience or knowledge (again this is a rare condition)  in the casting method that is part of the process leading up to surgery that needs to happen to correctly repair her foot anomaly.    The doctor and I had a good "heart to heart" and we both agreed that the best course of continued action for Lucy would be to stop the current casting series and seek medical intervention with one of the very few doctors with knowledge and experience.

At this visit (Sept. 3), Lucy was fully ready for cast #3.  When she learned there would be no cast #3 that day, my girl cried!  Big tears with sobs.  You see, in her psyche she was prepared for six castings as part of the process of what she calls "fixing her bad foot".  As my older daughter Brittany said, "deferred hope."  She understands A LOT for a four year old little girl new to the English language by only ONE YEAR!!  I told Lucy that we're "taking a break" from the casting but will do it again "later."  
This was taken after cast #1; she was holding up 5 fingers
to say how many more casts she had to go!
Now what?  The only two doctors who have enough experience and knowledge with her condition are a doctor in Philadelphia whom we've seen (and greatly respect) but who's surgery schedule won't allow for a surgery date until April 2015 or the most well known doctor who works with CVT (acronym for Lucy's foot condition) is in St. Louis, Missouri.  We live in Pennsylvania.  There are A LOT of miles between the two states.  With a family of our size and the needs of some of my dependent children, Lucy and I leaving home and staying in MO for eight weeks or more (to carry out the casting procedure and have the necessary surgeries) wasn't a great or very realistic option.  So we felt that our only other option was to stay in a holding pattern until next April when the Dr. in Philadelphia could cast and do surgery.

That was our thinking then  little did we know that our Divine Red Thread had other plans. (I am aware that this Chinese proverb wasn't necessarily referring to our Father God, but that's who we're referring to as our Red Thread)

Unexpectedly, last Thursday I got a call from a care team that works with  the hospital in Philly and St. Louis.  They were checking back in in reference to Lucy’s care and letting me know that they were still checking into things and seeing  how they might potentially be able to help with the logistical side of helping to get Lucy care in Missouri?!    That phone conversation has changed plans showing us that we could indeed find a way to help Lucy get to Dr. Dobbs and get the medical help she needs.
While we were resolved to “wait” and be in a holding pattern until next April,  God was working in ways we were unaware!  He is just so awesome like that!!  You know more of that guiding and providing that He's the best at.                                                           

That one phone call  I mentioned, led to many, many more phone calls. (it felt at times like my phone was a permanent part of my ear)   While we still don’t know the entire PLAN (lots and lots of logistics) for Lucy, we do have our initial consult and first casting (again) appointment in Missouri in mid-October, with Dr. Dobbs.     There's even more  great news....our doctor in Philadelphia has agreed to help with the casting procedure  (both doctors working together).  If we can get this all coordinated this will greatly lessen trips needed to Missouri.  

We so very much appreciate your faithful prayers, love and support of Lucy and our family.     We also ask you to join us in praise to our Sovereign Father God for not only knowing what is best but  guiding and directing us as we have sought His good and perfect will in regard to all of this.  
We’re asking for prayer as we continue to work out the many details and logistics of all of this, for God to continue to guide(and provide) in the way we should walk and for protection for our family and our marriage.

If in anyone knows of someone who may consider donating frequent flyer miles or something similar, we’d love any help or leads with that aspect of this journey!  you can e-mail me at :  I am  currently working on some "free miles" applications for children with medical needs for one airline.
Trusting in our great Red Thread's guidance and provision in the detour and remainder of our journey!
Worth every dollar, every detour, every logistic x 1 million.....

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