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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Christmas season for a trip to the E.R. and Specialist....

I was listening to Christmas music and  wrapping presents on the evening of December 23rd, and anticipating the family time that was to follow the next day when I heard one of "those cries!"  Some of you have heard it before, the cry that tells a Mama it's not the typical whinny, I'm not getting my way kind of cry but instead says I'm HURT!
Lucy Kim is a independent three and a half year old and likes to do most things by and for herself.  However, because of the deformity of her foot and leg she needs extra help on the stairs.  While she'd like to go up (or down) by herself holding just the hand rail, Merle and I don't allow her to because her gait is just too unsteady.  On Monday evening she was telling her older sister in a feisty, I can do it myself tone "Lucy do, "  "Lucy do!"  (insinuating Lucy can go down the stairs herself and she does NOT want help).  Emily went down the stairs in front of Lucy,  put the things down she had in her arms and turned to run back up and carry Lucy down.  But instead when she turned she saw a blur of black hair tumbling down toward her!  In the blink of an eye, Lucy lost her balance and took a tumble down about 5 or so steps.
And then I heard  IT......that familiar cry I've heard before.  The PAIN cry.
  Emily quickly brought Lucy to me and looking at Lucy's right arm, I knew that something wasn't right, both by the look of the arm and the pain cry.
   Merle and I quickly went over to my parents home (right next door) and had them assess her and asked for their opinions and my parents both agreed that we need to take her for x-rays.
The triage nurse guessed that we may be having a red and green cast for Christmas.  While we didn't leave with a cast, we did learn that her little arm had TWO BROKEN BONES!  The radius and ulna bones were fractured (bones in the forearm).
x-ray of Lucy's arm showing 2 fractures
Daddy had the 1st turn in the wheelchair holding the little patient

After x-ray, Mama had her turn in the wheelchair with the wee patient!

Notice where "Kimmy" is!

Tired from all the trauma!

Teddy bear sling on and ready to roll
It was about 10: 15 p.m. and they carefully splinted Lucy's arm and told us to follow up in the morning with a orthopedic specialist.  Lucy was a trooper and only cried when they needed to position her arm in a "hurting" position for x-ray.  Our little lady amazed us by sleeping through the night with only the aid of some ibuprofen.  At 8:00 Christmas Eve. morning, I called the orthopedist and was able to get an appointment for later in the morning.
After filling out the host of new patient paperwork, we were taken back to the casting room.  A large room w/ only curtain dividers, we waited with several other patients.   Some having casts removed, others having a new cast put on.  The nurse unwrapped the temporary splint that was put on Lucy's arm and we waited for the doctor.

Lucy telling Mommy about the ace bandage

watching another patient have a new cast put on

Showing Mommy where it hurt
The specialist reviewed on-line  Lucy's x-rays that were taken the night before.  Unfortunately, he had a bit more not so good news to tell us.  In addition to the 2 fractures, the bones were slightly dislocated and would need to be manipulated back into correct position so they would heal properly.  The plan was to put nova-cane into the arm to numb it and then he would re-position the bones!  YIKES!  Eight children and I still absolutely hate it  and go crazy inside of myself when pain is going to be inflicted on my child (even when I know it's for their good).  I also hated the fact that I couldn't tell Lucy "no hurt."  Those two words she clearly understands and relaxes after hearing.   So while I rubbed her back and kept telling her "Mama's here", the doctor inserted the numbing medicine (which was quite painful for little Lucy!).  He then left to go to another patient, giving the medicine time to "settle in and numb the area." 
that needle really hurt!
 About twenty minutes later, he gloved up and told us "this still might hurt her a bit"!  (my insides then started churning for my baby girl!!)  I DID NOT WATCH but instead resumed the rubbing of her back and cooing into her ear all the while watching Merle watch the doctor.  I thought Merle's eyes were going to pop out of their sockets as he watched and dropped his jaw open!  Our little girl had to again endure a lot of pain as they re positioned the bones back into their proper position.  As the material for the splint was hardening, the doctor was careful to make sure things stayed secure.

Can you tell she was put through the ringer!  Poor baby!

One more x-ray was ordered after the splint to make sure everything looked "in place."  The x-ray was taken (through the splint) and things looked amazingly straight!!!  The doctor was very kind and worked as quickly as he could.
Promising her it was "all done now!!" while kissing her cheeks!
Because of the swelling and trauma to the area, a cast isn't scheduled to be put on until January 3rd.  The splint is relatively sturdy and covered tightly with cotton wrapping as well as an ace bandage.
Even though we could have never guessed we'd be spending Lucy's first Christmas Eve. at a specialist office having bones manipulated back into place, we're thankful for the good and quick medical care we were able to access!  God continues to prove His faithfulness!!

Hoping to post some fun family pictures of Lucy's very first Christmas at home soon!

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