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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Call for Caleb

Caleb holding his teddy bear sent from his family

If you're reading this blog, you most likely have an interest/
love for orphans!  Our family has recently been involved with advocating for a very special little boy that is still living in the same province (Shaanxi) in China that Lucy lived in only four months ago!  He too is an orphan, waiting on his family.

Let me tell you a little bit about this very special little man.  "Caleb" is seven years old and living with post-operative spina bifida in an orphanage in central China.  In the adoption world those three things (boy, special needs and "older") would be three strikes against you!  He has been abandoned twice in his young life.  B.U.T........ his story doesn't end with those sad life events.....
Chosen, cherished and waiting to get home
He has been chosen!  He is already cherished and loved.  A family that lives not very far from us, is working very hard to bring him H-O-M-E to his family!   Having already done numerous fundraisers, the LeSuers have been able to raise about three quarters of the adoption costs related to bringing Caleb home. They are in the home stretch but needing some help to get across the finish line!
Envision Caleb standing right in front of sweet Haley (also from Shaanxi,, China) in this  family photo!!
The "Letter of Acceptance" (paperwork stating China is giving their stamp of approval to this adoption) has been received and the LeSuers are hoping to travel to bring Caleb H-O-M-E within the next two to three months.  The final agency fees will be due soon as well as airline tickets, visas and orphanage donation (approximately $7350 needed).

"Caleb's Crusaders" are looking to other's in the body of Christ to help with the remaining fees that are due to help bring Caleb from "orphan" to "cherished son, brother, grandson!"  Will you consider giving a tax deductible donation to help Caleb?  All money will be put into the family's "Lifesong for Orphans" account and 100% will go toward the remaining expenses in bringing Caleb home.

A former Shaanxi girl advocating for her little buddy  (a.k.a. Lucy Kim!)
All donations are most gratefully received on behalf of Caleb.  Those who are able to give $100 or more will receive the 2014 magnet with Caleb's picture on it (pictured below). Perhaps put it beside Lucy's puzzle piece magnet and it would be such a cool conversation starter!  
Caleb's family will also be happy to send you an e-mail in 2014 with ten (or more!) pictures of Caleb's homecoming!  Please consider "helping this orphan in his distress" (James 1:27) 
Here's the link to Caleb's adoption account to give your tax deductible donation via paypal to Lifesong for Orphans (LeSuer family acct.):
OR you can send a check to:  
Lifesong for Orphans
**in memo be sure to write: pref.  #4265 LeSuer Family adoption
(have post marked by 12/31/13 for this year's tax deduction)


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