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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ten Weeks........ Tidbits and Tales (part one of two)

Ready to hear about my last few weeks?
November 21st brought us to the ten week mark.  Lucy Kim has been HOME for ten weeks already!   In looking back over the past month since I last updated about Lucy specifically, we've experienced many "first"s, and have become increasingly more comfortable with daily routine and habits.  It's also been a month of reflection and thanksgiving!

Completed application mailed 11-2-2012
One year ago, we officially began our adoption journey to Lucy Kim.  November 2nd, 2012 we mailed our completed application to our adoption agency. And because November is National Adoption Month, our agency allows you to take 50% off application fees! (and discounts, coupons or sales always make this girl smile :)
 And on my birthday, November 27th, we mailed our completed contract and first set of related fees.  Last November we were only starting the process, we had no idea where our little girl was waiting in China, how old she was or when we we might first see her.  But it's so beautiful to me that GOD knew all of that and was going to disclose it to us within the year.  We needed to walk in faith,  with our hands holding His, trusting Him for guidance, direction and wisdom for each step of the journey.....

Log Cabin Road Covered Bridge
Beiler's Home
As you can see from the above pictures, we are privileged to live in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania.  This autumn has been exceptionally gorgeous with much vibrancy in color!  It was a great time to be outdoors with Lucy and her brothers and capture some of the colors of fall in photos!
Pop Pop grew some pretty mums here....

Can you see the ladybugs on my dress?
"Yellow Lucy", the flowers are YELLOW!
Before we traveled to China, we made a trip to one of our local Asian grocery stores to purchase some Chinese foods.  It was time to go back and "restock" on some of our Chinese cuisine. Our first trip there was fun and educational and crazy enough made me feel somehow more connected to our daughter-to-be.  It aroused many of our senses especially the sense of smell!  This return trip, I had our Asian princess with us and her big brother, Karter.   Walking into the market and smelling those same smells and seeing all of the different Asian delicacies, it immediately triggered memories of being in China just two months ago.  I had to wonder what was going through my little one's head?!  Did those smells, sounds and seeing others who looked similar to her make her a bit homesick for China?  
Fresh fish on Fridays!
Oh wow - the familiar smells of my homeland!
Mama got us roasted seaweed!
Last month, Lucy girl had her first visit with our pediatrician.  This month, she got to go along with her big brother, Kaden and watch him have a check-up at his eye doctor.  While waiting for the doctor, she climbed up in the big chair with Kaden to keep him company.
Waiting for the eye doctor with Kaden
Our communication system (lamintated photo ring) continues to be used just about daily!  If we are making multiple stops while running errands, Lucy wants to to hear about and "see" each stop and in the order we'll be stopping.  Then I get to hear the re-tell of our day's journey :) with pictures and broken English.  Works for us!
Re-telling Mama which stops we'll be making today!
"Dr. Scott" - Lucy loves her chiropractor!!
Today is National Adoption DAY!  Our family has been profoundly touched by adoption and we celebrate and rejoice in the family God created for us.
Three youngest Zimmermans
These fun events, bring us to about the middle of the month!  We have a few more fun experiences (and maybe a video clip or two too?) to share with you soon.  Part two coming soon.......

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