Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giving thanks for fabulous foster parents!

We're about half way through a very special month of the year.  November is National Adoption Awareness Month.   Having brought Lucy Kim home just over two months ago, there hasn't been a day that I have not thought about the gift of adoption.
I've also been thinking often about Lucy's foster Mom.  This Mama gave us such a gift in loving and preparing Lucy girl for a family.  We are so grateful and thankful for her and her hubby!  Qu Yan was blessed to live with her foster Mama, Baba(dad) and foster siblings for approximately ten months before we brought her home.  Those ten months were a gift that Lucy doesn't yet understand she received.  Her "China Mama" lovingly put a photo album together with some very sweet pictures that were taken during her stay with her foster family.  It is so very precious to me and I know that it will be an invaluable treasure to Lucy too!

I want to take the time to THANK all foster parents both in the United States and abroad.  Thank you for caring for, love on and preparing (some of) our adopted children for their forever family!  The gift of having loving foster parents to an orphaned (broad base meaning here) child is priceless!  Your reward is waiting for you in heaven!

 I'd like to take a minute to thank two other very special  foster families who have put their yes on the table to care for children unable to be cared for by their biological parents.  They have said "YES" to God's call to show HIS love.  Their work is hard, often thankless, time consuming and always full of emotion. 
 Earlier this year, our dear daughter and her husband  had a life changing decision that needed to be made relatively quickly concerning a situation where a little guy needed a safe, stable and loving home.  Already having two children 2 and under, it would have been so easy to say "not us, not now."  But instead they put their yes on the table and walked forward in faith believing they were doing what God has asked of them.  Thank you Linsey and Joel for putting your yes on the table!

There's also a very special foster Mama living in Thailand who has invested many years in caring for children who have no family of their own.   She also practices true religion daily (James 1:27).   Recently she posted some of her thoughts concerning the children whom she cared for and loved during the season they were in her care and then adopted into families.

I thought some of you may find it interesting to read her thoughts and feelings.(copy and pasted with her permission)  Thanks L.B. for loving Jesus in such a tangible and caring way!

As a foster Mum caring for Thai children who will be adopted I have to allow the parents to decide how much contact they would like to have with us once they have adopted their little one. In my experience most families want their child to know where they came from and who cared for them before they came home to their forever family. I don't put any pressure in the families to keep contact with us but I can assure you that when we get an email with some pictures or a chance to chat over Skype it is an absolute joy. It fills my heart to see the child I loved and cared for being loved and cared for by their forever family! We also send an album of pictures with the child when they are adopted, pictures of their past, friends, family (if there is some family) and their life experiences from when they are here. Forever families always tell me that the album is much loved and treasured by their child as it is a connection to their past. It helps them to understand that someone loved them while they waited for Mummy and Daddy to come and collect them. So I would encourage all adoptive families to have contact if you can, in different countries that would look very different. If the foster parent doesn't have internet maybe consider sending some photos in the post, it will make their day to see the one they loved (and still love) so happy and so surrounded by love. I promise you we NEVER forget, your son or daughter is in our heart forever!

During this month of recognizing adoption, let's remember too the foster parents who are making a difference in the life of a child!  Sending an e-mail, card or note of appreciation is such a sweet act of love and appreciation.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  I. Thess. 5:11

Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.  Romans 14:19