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Friday, October 11, 2013

Lucy's First Visit to Shriner's Children's Hospital

Thank you friends and family for your prayers!   You were a source of much encouragement as many of you took the time  to let us know that you would be praying for Lucy as we traveled to Philadelphia today for her appointment at Shriner's Hospital for Children.
We were blessed with the gift of peace this week and throughout our appointment!  The news we received today about our little Asian princess, was encouraging and we wanted to share some of what we learned today.

 Dr. Harold Van Bosse was very kind and gentle with Lucy.  After talking with this knowledgeable man about the little medical history we know about our girl, a brief exam of her foot, leg and back was done and then many x-rays were ordered.

As to be expected, little Lucy was extremely nervous and scared as we walked into the x-ray room.  But, our brave girl only cried during the first few x-rays.  Quickly figuring out that this procedure wouldn't hurt, she was a real trooper and "posed" in the positions needed for the different views needed by Dr. Van B.  Her support system was never very far, as Daddy positioned himself on one side of the bed and Mommy on the other.
After the long series of  x-rays were taken we headed back to the room where we had met with  Dr. Van Bosse.  It wasn't a long wait until the Dr. came in and pulled up Lucy's x-rays on the computer screen and positioned it so we could also see as he looked at them and discussed what he was seeing.

Dr. Van B. decided that Lucy's right foot is what needs to be corrected first.  I will attempt to explain in lay terms a summary of what we learned. One thing Lucy is dealing with is is what is known as congenital vertical talus.  (sorta the opposite of a "club foot").  The first steps to correct the foot will be a series of approximately six above the knee castings (slightly manipulating the foot and re-casting it weekly). This series of casting won't begin until surgery is scheduled because the casting is in preparation of preparing the foot for surgery.  A cast will be put on post surgery for about six weeks followed by wearing a leg brace for "a lengthy period of time."  

Lucy will also need some sort of surgery around her knee area.  She is unable to extend her right leg fully.  At this point in time, we don't know exactly what is causing her leg to not fully extend beyond the knee.  Further testing will be done in the future.

Dr. Van Bosse has also ordered a full spinal MRI to be done.  Lucy is noted to have scoliosis and an MRI will show more details of her spinal column.

*Shriner's is currently scheduling surgeries 18 months(ish) out!  (yes that is NOT a typo - eighteen).  It is possible, that we could get a call sooner than the 18 mos.  The "old Kim" (pre-faith walking/faith growing adoption journey Kim) would mostly likely have had a mini panic attack hearing 18 months.   While this seems extreme (in waiting), we're trusting that God's timing is best ("more bonding time"?, more "learning/understanding English?" or "perhaps divine healing?")and will wait on Him.

Dr. Van B. did say that her condition is not "urgent" and he did NOT mention anything about needing to get her into surgery as soon as possible.  Every three to four months, we will be checking in with Dr. Van Bosse so that he can keep assessing her situation.
Beautiful mural in lobby at Shriner's
Will you praise God with us on the news and insights He gave to us today!  He is so very faithful.

Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose." (reference that is inscribed in Merle and I's wedding rings)

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