Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Friday, June 7, 2013

Praying through the Process.....

We submitted our Dossier file to China (this is a big file that holds lots and lots of info on Merle and I and our family- birth cert, marriage license, our physical clearances, our police clearances, etc etc etc).  on March 27th, 2013.
This file would arrive in China at their adoption center, it would be logged in to their system(also known in the adoption world as the beloved "L.I.D. - log in date) , translated, and then China  will officially send us our Letter Of Acceptance aka Letter Seeking Confirmation. 
April 25th , was the day that we were OOT (out of translation) which basically meant our dossier (big pile of Zimmerman family documents) was done being translated...and the wait continues for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance aka Letter Seeking Confirmation). The official wait for our LOA started on 4/10/13 when received our Log In Date from China saying that they had received our Dossier and that it was starting to be translated. The LOA wait, we were told, can be anywhere from 30-90 days.  Although I know a few that were shorter then the 30 days and know of several that already exceed the 100 day mark!  Today, June 7th is day #58 of our official wait.  From what I understand there isn't a "first in/first out" method nor a chronological order method....I guess they spin a wheel and see "who's up?" (insert silly grin)
 This specific letter is the official piece of paper that China sends to our agency and then they send to us and we must sign it and check the box that says: Yes, we want to adopt our Lucy! Then we send it back and we start our immigration paperwork to work on leaving this country to bring our girl home!

Remember several months ago the post I wrote about   FAITH?  Well friends, I'm trying very hard to have faith that God's timing is best.  This faith growing is H.A.R.D. stuff.  Some days I think I do relatively well (shoot let's be honest some minutes I might do well) and other times -- ummm.....not so good!  But He is giving us strength for the journey.

Before I ask for prayer I'd like you to THANK GOD with us for all that He has already done in bringing Lucy Kim into her/our family.  Thank Him for
- His direct guidance and direction to our girl
- Support of so very many friends, family and others who we don't even know who have blessed Lucy and this adoption
- His  loving and generous provision of her "ransom" costs
- HIS timeline for this entire process
- His daily grace

Here are some specific requests that we're praying about and invite you to intercede with us to  to our Heavenly Father:

- Lucy's health and well being
- God's preparing Lucy in a supernatural way for her family and that the bond will already be there the day we meet
- God's preparation in our hearts to also be supernaturally bonded
- Grace and patience as we continue to w.a.i.t.
- That our dossier will be picked up and processed
- That visas and travel arrangements can be made quickly and without any red tape
- God given wisdom as we are already looking into the medical care that she will need for her physical disabilities 

Thank you so very much for being a part of this adoption journey and for your support!  Your prayers, love and support mean more than you can know!  Drop us a comment and let us know you're praying!


  1. Loved the famous "fill the dining room table" picture. You should be very close to your LOA! Does your agency have a clue? Ours did sorta. Make sure your I-800 paperwork is filled in awhile, so you are ready to submit stuff.

  2. Just checking in to see how things were going with your process (I had advocated for Lucy). LOVE her room and am so excited that you are so close to finally meeting her!


  3. Rebecca - I remember getting an e-mail from you saying you had advocated for our sweet girl! THANK YOU!!! Today (6/29/13 marks 80 days waiting for our LOA) but we get more and more eager to hold sweet Lucy! Thanks too for "checking on her!!" Appreciated