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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lucy's Bedroom Reveal

LOVE this specially made puzzle!!!
(Thanks K.W. and B.E.)
Orders can be taken for ANY name and ANY design

Since today marks 69 days of waiting to hear from China and I'm desperately trying to stay optimistic I decided it's time for a "FUN" post :)  I thought some of you may like to take a peak at Lucy's bedroom reveal!  But to appreciate it you need to see a little of what it looked like before the make-over!  While I think just about all seven of my children slept in this bedroom at one time or another, it was obviously made to be a boys room.  These pictures were hastily taken  before stripping down the wallpaper and pulling up the carpet.

  Without further ado..... BEFORE making it "girly"

jerseys and balls!
dormer area
The entire make-over cost a few hundred dollars - we were blessed to get a remnant piece of carpet at a local store that would fit her room for only a $1.00 sq/ft. and a fellow adoptive parent had it installed for nearly nothing, plus the cost of  a couple of gallons of paint!  We were also blessed to have Kurt and some of his friends help us strip the wallpaper and pull up the carpet and two other talented friends helped with the painting!!  Add some flower "stick ups" and a few goodies found at 2nd hand shops and this is the cheery bedroom Lucy will come home to!  Thank YOU so much to those of you that helped with this project!  I just LOVE, LOVE her room!
Found this picture and knew it belonged in Lucy's Room!
This says it all, doesn't it!
My Sadie girl napping in her "Aunt" Lucy's bed :)
Panda photo from bk. "The You We Adore"
Dormer area - my friend HAND PAINTED the"grass"

Ladybugs and Chinese Adoptions -- some of you understand :)

Special made bedding made just for Lucy and her room by a
sweet and talented friend!  (Thanks LK!)

special outlet covers add such a cute touch
Another cover

Flowers always brighten a room - just the right
POP of color on her yellow walls!

Now we wait for a very special little girl to come home to see her lovely bedroom!!

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