Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Giving Miss So Sad a special name!

  Giving "Little Miss So Sad" a very special name!!

   Our sad looking little girl needs a name!  There are many names that we like, Bible names, family names and modern names….such a big decision!   Add in the adoption component, there is the decision of keeping or changing birth name or orphanage given name. (A discussion for another post).
   One evening as I was yet again thinking about the name thing, I was reflecting on special relatives that have passed on that have changed the course of our family's lives or what I will call “generation changers”.  There was one particular very special woman that came to my mind, my maternal great Grandmother.  She was one of those "generation changers".  Known as a hard working, kind and gentle woman whose faith was seen by the way she lived her life.   She was one of those Jesus lovers and had a personal relationship with Him!
   Fast forward two generations and  because of Great Grandma's love of Jesus, her granddaughter (my mother) was introduced to God and in turn accepted Him as her personal savior.  Both Merle and I were extremely blessed to have been brought up in God loving home.  Our parents had a strong and definite “love of Jesus”.
   How does that piece of  family history relate to naming our little girl?  My great Grandmother whom I wrote about above was the care taker for my mother!  You see my precious mother doesn't remember the love and care of her birth parents. She was “orphaned” shortly before her 2nd birthday. 
  However, in God’s providence she was raised under the loving hand of her paternal Grandmother, Lucy Rhodes!  
Reflecting on the fact that my mother was an orphan herself (our daughter Emily carries Mom’s name as her middle name) and raised by this very special Grandmother – we thought  “Lucy” would be a wonderful name choice  for our beautiful, loved newest little girl!  
In loving memory of LUCY Rhodes and in honor of my sister, Rhonda LUCY,  our "Little Miss So Sad" will be given the name ......
                           “LUCY KIM ZIMMERMAN”
It is our deepest desire that our little Lucy will one day also have this personal relationship with Jesus and be a woman of God (like her Great, Great Grandmother and her Aunt Rhonda Lucy).  This is our prayer for her little life!
And God continues to weave the thread of our lives.....


  1. Another great job of writing... I love seeing God threading our lives together as only He can do!

  2. Love this and love you all! What a beautiful blessing you will be to Lucy Kim! Such a perfect name! Can't wait to meet her!! xoxo "Aunt" Nancy :)

  3. Very cute name! Sooo exciting! Continuing to pray for your precious new little girl. Such a great way to name her, in remembrance of a dear faithful grandmother. So important to pass our faith on to our children. So thankful for my faithful grandparents and parents. Love you all. Krista Kaye

    1. This news of how you came upon the name for this precious child is so touching and brings tears to my eyes. What a tribute to such a Godly woman and the women who have come after her. We have known your family for many years and you continue to bless our lives through this Godly heritage and what is still to come in future generations. With prayers and love, Jean Griess

  4. Love it Kim, so wonderful!

  5. This is truly an amazing story and I'm not really talking about how well you wrote it Kim! I'm always amazed at how God is the most amazing author EVER! I love HIS stories so much! I love that Lucy rescued our mother and brought her up to see tangible acts of love and introduce her to her Jesus! Lucy was a strong woman of Prayer and Love! I see that in both of my sisters! Rhonda Lucy you are a prayer warrior and have always loved both the difficult (Kim) and the easy (me). Seriously, though Rhonda LUCY you are an amazing Godly woman that I am proud of and love immensely. Kim - God has made you a visionary for Orphans and Widows and I love that he has patterned your heart after HIS! I am so proud that you are my sister as well and I love you so much. I look at both of you and the legacy you leave behind and at times are in awe of you- AND WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID- Mom still loves me most! Thank you both for modeling for so many what a follower of Jesus should look like!