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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Find Me" starring Lucy Kim Zimmerman now on DVD! (or download)

available on dvd or download
*pictured is Lucy on adoption day*

Celebrating National Adoption Month with some B-I-G news
  Many of you have lovingly followed Lucy's journey home via this blog.  Words can't express our appreciation for the love and support you have shown to our family and especially Lucy girl.  Lucy has her own little "fan club." We're excited to tell all her friends, our faithful blog readers, that now you can watch Lucy's journey home.  "Find Me" is available on dvd or download!

November is national adoption month and Lucy wants all her friends to know that if you place an order for "her movie" (this is how she refers to the documentary) via the link below and TYPE THE CODE "redthread" (not case sensitive) during the month of November, Vision Video is offering 25% discount (on dvd only not download)

The documentary is 77 min. in length and I'd suggest that you have a tissue (or two) nearby! Our "Red Thread" guided us in "Finding" our girl and we are eternally grateful!  We invite you to watch as we met our girl for the very first time.

Three years ago this month, we sent our application into our adoption agency.  We put our yes on the table and followed God's lead in bringing another child into our family.  It has been our prayer since then that #1) God would be glorified through this adoption (and documentary) and# 2) that many, many families will prayerfully consider adoption and help more children bust out from behind orphanage walls and into their family's living rooms!

"Find Me is a profoundly moving documentary that tells the stories of three families who adopt children from China as well as the stories of those who loved these children first; The biological parents who feel they can’t keep their children and the orphanage nannies or foster-families who must say goodbye to the children they’ve raised for months…or years."  

"Thousands of Chinese children now find themselves in the homes of families across America. With great love and personal sacrifice, people adopt these precious little ones, bringing them home to love them and raise them as their own. But few know the veiled back story. This moving, personal documentary tells the stories of those who adopt children from China as well as the stories of those who loved them first; The biological parents who feel they can't keep their children and the orphanage nannies or foster-families who must say goodbye to the children they've raised for months...or years. Come on an emotional and uplifting journey full of unexpected twists and turns alongside three families who have answered the quiet cry of China that says, Find Me."

Much love, gratitude and appreciation to Michael Rottina (part of orig. crew in filming), David & Kathi Peters (producers)

** I'd love to hear from you!  After viewing "Find Me", please give us your feedback!  Comment here or email me at 
****we are not receiving any compensation for the sales of Find Me.  


  1. We got our copy last week and oh my goodness the tears were flowing!!! It was so beautiful seeing precious children be welcomed as the awesome blessings they are. Our daughter has been home for a little over a year and we can't even begin to imagine life without her. We are so thankful for the sweet nannies who cared for her, and will always remember the great sacrifice her birth parents made to save her life. Thank you for sharing your story!!

    1. So glad to hear that you enjoyed "Find Me." Congratulations on your precious daughter also. Blessings to you and your family.

    2. I love hearing your adoption story in Find me. I am adopted and learning how parents adopt is incredible. I hope to adopt when I am older.

  2. follow link which will take you to vision video then type in code in promotion

    1. Once you add a dvd to your cart it will give an option to "apply coupon" that's where you'll put in redthread as coupon code