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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lucy's Life in an Ex. Fix. (part 1 of 3)

Lucy is now just over one month post op and one-third of the way done with wearing "the cage" around her leg.  Overall adjustment, recovery and the healing process is going ok having had only a few complications thus far into the process.  However, I wouldn't call this process easy.  We're still very much counting down the days until ex. fix. removal.........
*click on picture to enlarge
Thanks so much D. family for the fun and ymmy
lollipop countdown bucket.....
"a lollipop a day keeps the grumpies away"

Thanks A.S. for the paperchain countdown - we look forward
to pulling a ring off each night at bed time!
It's now noticeably smaller and that makes us HAPPY!

Adapting to a wheelchair and wheelchair adaptions:
Many thanks to her dear Pop Pop (AGAIN!), Lucy is able to do things more comfortably and conveniently in her wheel chair.  You see Lucy's ex. fix. extends above her knee -  alot.  In fact we are not able to wheel her chair under a table.
Here's a picture of how high up the ex.fix extends above her knee

So what does a MacGuyver Pop Pop do when told "can't".  He creates something that can!
Pop Pop temporarily took the arms of the wheelchair off
and replaced them with longer arms that had velcro

A removable "table top" was created to "stick" on the arms of the
 chair giving Lucy Kim a table top to eat from, color on top of
and play games on!

When you can't get to the table, bring the
table to you - THANKS POP!

Doubles as a puzzle table 

Easter dinner?  No problem - here's what "dining for two" looks like ....


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