Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Musings from Missouri (part two)

Wednesday, November 5th was a sunshine filled day here in Missouri with temps in the mid sixties.  After our appointment with Dr. Dobbs we decided to capitalize on the beautiful day and the free entertainment by taking Lucy to the St. Louis zoo.  The zoo is only minutes from St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Remembering our  visit last year to the zoo in Guangzhou, China, I wasn't sure how thrilled Lucy would or wouldn't be.  (back then  she was still our little "Miss So Sad" and not so impressed by much of anything).

We moseyed  around the beautiful, well kept zoo.  There weren't many visitors so we could stroll at our own pace.  We had fun observing the elephants, zebras, giraffes, monkeys and  various other two and four legged  creatures.  Lucy seemed to like seeing all the animals (though Daddy needed to often lift her in and out of the stroller in order to see) but she seemed equally interested in the water gardens/water falls.!  She is fascinated with cascading water.   The three of us enjoyed our  little day trip excursion.


Friday, November 7th we had another "special" planned.  Thanks to today's technology and being able to virtually meet others, I connected with J.T. shortly after arriving home with Lucy last year.   She lives in the mid west and I on the East coast.   Our initial connection was because of how strikingly similar our girls looked. After some dialog back and forth, we soon learned the girls  were adopted from the very same province in China and their birthdays are only one month apart!  But the icing on the cake was finding out this family was also a part of the bigger family of God!  Shortly before our trip to St. Louis, we learned they lived only a half hour or so away in Illinois from where we were staying at Haven House in Missouri!  We planned a meet up!  Can I just say how fun and encouraging it is to meet other's in the body of Christ who are very like minded.  God's in the business of connecting His children.  Our visit was an added blessing to this medical trip to Missouri!  
Xi'an cuties

Sharing a book

Food and fun with her new little friend

Mamas with their girls
During our visit with our new friends, it was comical and intriguing watching these two little girls interact.  Immediately they seemed comfortable with each.  Almost as if they already knew each other (they are NOT from the same orphanage) - in no time they were reading books together, racing around on Lucy's little car tandem style, giggling and mutually being selfish with "their stuff".  Two peas in a pod!
As "older"  parents, it was a joy sharing and hearing about how God drew us into parenting (again) via adoption!  Putting that "yes on the table" and stepping out in faith was a scary prospect filled with both trials and smiles but oh so very worth it.  We talked about how that sheer act of "letting go and letting God" drew us incredibly closer to the very One that asked us to trust Him.

Thanks J&C for your sweet and loving hospitality!

Lucy's surgery date has been moved up and is now planned for Tuesday, November 11th!  Your prayers are deeply appreciated as we inch closer to this next surgery in her healing journey.  Look for updates following surgery........


  1. How absolutely awesome is our great God to connect you guys to J&C!!... and to have them just a half hour away from your medical trip!!
    I'm so glad you sent this reminder to pray (and the new surgery date)!! Know that I'll be praying for you all from now until you're home-sweet-home!! God bless you guys!! ♥

    1. I'm continue to be amazed at the connections that God has made for us -- starting with YOU my friend Toni!! Before we even met our girl, He provided YOU so that she would be able to have a "sneak peak" at her family. How special that part of Lucy's story remains........ THANKS for your love, support and on going prayers!! Hugs to you Toni!