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Friday, May 9, 2014

One Month Post Op (recovering at home part 3 of 3)

If you would walk into our home today and see Lucy Kim, you would not guess that one month ago she had spinal cord surgery!  The wheelchair, walker, and pain meds have all been put away.  Aside from occasionally hearing "my back hurts" (and I'll add that sometimes that's thrown into a conversation because she's hoping it will swing a NO response into a YES because of sympathy!)...
My shirt says - "God made me, chose me and brought me home"
The physical therapist that evaluated Lucy was suggesting twice a week therapy to help get Lucy back to her base line.  It took a week and a half for them to process paperwork,  check with insurance, schedule appt., etc. (and during that time period, LK was recovering and meeting goals at record speed).  So, when I got the call to come for her first PT appt., I thought to myself - "this seems silly, but I'd better go in and let them decide if she's in need of additional therapy".
Well  "Little Miss Trooper" strutted her stuff on command - walking up and down the small staircase 4x (while holding a rail and needing minimal help from the therapist), bending this way, reaching and stretching, etc.  And as suspected, the therapist reported there's no need to return until after her next surgery!  She's doing a great.  (or as Lucy likes to say "Tah Dah!!!)
This girl loves lollipops just like her Mom-Mom
On Monday, May 5th we had a post op. visit with Dr. Dias, Lucy' neuro surgeon as well as an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.  Dr. Dias was thrilled with Lucy Kim's progress and said we can check in with him again in one year unless we have questions or concerns in the interim!  AND ..... the biggest, happiest news for Lucy girl is she got the green light to swing and ride her riding toys (YES, I'm going to look for a sale on a little bike so she can ride bike like her big brothers that's she's so excited to do!)

Our appointment with the orthopedic doctor went well too.  While the doctor reviewed x-rays and did a clinical exam, we learned more things in regard to Lucy's foot, knee and hip problems.  These findings will most likely make things a bit more difficult that we originally anticipated in regard to Lucy's next surgeries that will address the issue of correcting her deformed right foot (or congenital vertical talus) and later a surgery to correct her knee contracture and hip.  However that's a discussion for another post at a later date.
While we could choose to immediately start the process toward the next surgery we've decided to give her a break from surgery (and recovery) and enjoy her very first summer home outdoors in the sunshine, swinging, riding that new bike that Mommy's going to get, being poolside, AND hopefully her first visit to see the Atlantic Ocean!  
Lucy and Kimmy during "book time"
Practicing some fine motor skills

Lots of smiles with her best friends!
 We'll resume the continuation of this "medical stuff" end of summer/early fall. 
Thinking about MORE surgeries, recovery and lots of therapy can be emotionally and mentally exhausting.  However, what stands out 1000x more is the blessing that LUCY KIM is and that our good and faithful God in His sovereignty created her as she is  in HIS image.  And in His wonderful sovereignty,  He knew that our lives would be better, more complete and conformed to His will  by walking alongside our sweet girl as Mommy and Daddy during the rehabilitation journey.  Together. As a family.  That blessing is so worth any amount of time and energy it will take to help her live the best quality of life.   Her little life is precious beyond words and she has been a gift to our family.  These are the things that we try hard (but not always successfully) to focus on during the tough medical decision making times, surgeries, etc.
Have you considered the JOY that adding a child with a disability could add to your own family!?

In one of my earliest posts on this blog, I told you about a saying that I love and so believe....
"Where God guides, He ALWAYS provides"

**This Sunday will be my first Mother's Day with our little Lucy Kim!  My heart bursts with thankfulness for the gift of being able to be Mommy to another blessing!  However, right alongside those deep feelings of love and thankfulness reside very deep feelings of longing to express my deep gratitude to Lucy's sweet birth mother for carrying this precious bundle for nine months and choosing life for her, as well as wanting to let her know that Lucy is being loved, cared for and cherished.  But most importantly is the desire for birth mother to know and accept Jesus Christ as her Redeemer, Restorer and Savior by  being adopted by the ONE who can giver her eternal life!  This is our daily prayer for Lucy's birth mother, her birth father as well as our boys birth parents!  In light of eternity, does anything else matter?!
"A child born to another woman calls me mom. The depth of the tragedy and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me." - Jody Landers
  As an added bonus -- God has given our family the opportunity to share Lucy's adoption story this Sunday, Mother's Day with the Chinese Church at Calvary.  This is where Lucy attends Chinese pre-school.  Adopting a child with a known handicap isn't "typical" in any way in the Chinese culture (here in the states as well as in China!).  We would covet your prayers for us that we would honor God's story of Lucy's journey home  and show His great love and redemption in Lucy's life this Sunday.

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