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Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. Isaiah 43:5

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Five Months H-O-M-E!!

We’re home with Lucy Kim five months now.  If you’re a follower of this blog, you already know that our family's transition has been going remarkably well.  We don't take this for granted, and we continue to thank God for this blessing. 

 However, there is no such thing as stereotypical  in adoption.  Our adoption and transitions of our boys looked very different from each other and from Lucy's.  

Every. child. is. different.  Each child created with a unique personality and each one coming with different and hard past experiences and at varying ages.  The list of "why" each adoption looks different is as long as the number of children being adopted.  While that may seem obvious to some, it is not to all.  

  But just as the word (transition) implies – we continue to be in a period of adjustment.  When  a family adds a new member by  birth, fostering or adoption, there's no such thing as "returning to the way things use to be."  Does.not.happen.  You forge a new normal with your expanded family!   Change can often be hard.(notice I didn't say bad)  Everyone in the family needs be flexible and make adjustments. As a “new” Mom (in her forties!) returning to Toddlerville has been fun, comical, emotional, stressful and exhausting at times!  

Five months home, our little miss appears to feel loved, secure and comfortable in this new family of hers. She's blossoming before our very eyes.  That sad and expressionless face we saw five months ago is mostly a memory.  (although I know that she is still trying to process all that has happened to her life since last September?!)

Leaving our meeting place and headed to the hotel with our sweet bundle!
Sept. 01, 2013

Daddy's working hard to get a smile from his new girl!
Sept. 01, 2013

Daddy Lovin'!

Kisses from Mama!
 I was asked by a family member "what is Lucy’s favorite time of the day?"  An interesting question to which I responded “probably SUPPERTIME”.  Lucy loves when everyone is home and gathered around the table together!  We’re a hand holding during meal prayer family.  Little Lucy will do a hand check before prayer.  Knowing this, we sometimes like to tease her by having someone purposely not hold hands with their neighbor.  Lucy will call the person out by name and mime for them to hold hands with the person beside him/her before we can proceed with prayer.  She continues to be our routine loving girl!

In her “comfortableness” she also has been challenging some rules and showing her displeasure when told NO to things.  Displeasure meaning temper tantrums.(what she doesn't know is some of her siblings broke us in with similar tantrums and were far better(?!) at "holding out" then she!!)  Typically I tell her to "stop" - and then I cover my ears and tell her "she's hurting Mama's ears - stop screaming."  If she continues and needs to calm herself, Merle or I will take her to the laundry room (right off our kitchen) and have her sit until she's done' screaming or has herself calmed down.  Because of the quick pace that she's understanding English, often times we only need to ask her (at a louder volume then she's complaining) "do you want to go sit in the laundry room?"  Often she'll quickly shake her head and say no and end the tantrum abruptly :)  Other times - NOT!
Not a happy camper
Oh the over-riding peace God has given a midst the highs and lows of our transition period.  We rest in knowing that HE who has called us is and always will be faithful!  Faithful in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.   Having seen HIS divine hand guiding us from the start of the journey until where we’re at currently is so reassuring on the days we feel a little weary in the journey!  Remember the post HERE that I wrote back in Dec. of 2012 at the very beginning of our journey to Lucy Kim?  My faith continues to grow and I am so grateful that we serve such a good and FAITHFUL God!  To HIM be the glory  for all He has done and continues to do.

Some of the upcoming posts I hope to include in the near future: update about Lucy's second visit to Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia, Lucy's first birthday HOME (4 years old on March 17th) and more.

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  1. I continue to enjoy reading about Lucy and her progress. What a special little girl. May He continue to give you wisdom as you raise her. I am so glad that you are having her continue to learn Chinese along with English. At her age she can do it simultaneously.